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Energy Tools Teleclass Testimonial

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Energy Tools and Intuition Teleclass Testimonal:

Good Morning Vickie,

I just want to let you know that I am so thankful for this high quality class that you offered last night. I have been waiting for this class for a while and finally it has happened. I feel like I found my new goal and I would like to continue taking classes with you as much as possible. My apologies for sending you so many messages but I got so excited from the experience and found myself enthusiastic needed to share this with you.

When I woke up this morning I did the energy running you taught us 2 times already in bed.   I felt my root chakra heat up and woke up very clear.   I must continue taking all of your classes and work with you. I am ready. I just want to let you know how much this all means to me.

Have a beautiful day and many blessings to you.

Anna K   New York


Energy Healings – Heal the Spirit ^ Heal the Body

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Each layer of the aura body is connected to one of the chakras, and the chakras themselves are connected to visible organs, and to our very existence.  Of the twelve physically oriented chakras, seven are located in the actual physical body.

Chakras regulate, maintain, and manage the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being on the physical level.  Chakras themselves serve as revolving doors or portals between our body, mind, and soul.

The health of our physical body depends on the energy and information we hold in the aura and chakras.  Much of our ‘issues’ with the childhood and relationship experience is ‘stuck’ in our energy body.

Vickie Parker is a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer and does remote and in person healings.

Check out our Windswept Inner Healing website for more info.


Q & A with Vickie Parker On the Human Energy Body

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Joyce Mann from Chattanooga, TN.

You talk a lot about healing the energy body around us.  Can you give me more details on how you do the healings?

Vickie Parker.  We work on the energy channels that are located in the legs, arms, the chest and the back, and the aura around you.  We also give each chakra a healing too.

When we are removing energy we actually ‘move’ out the energy we ‘see’ clairvoyantly that is not yours, and then we bring the energy into present time so that it is in sync with where you are at now.

Most of the energy we move out comes from as early as childhood, and through adolescence.  This is the period of time we have most of the experiences that get ‘stuck’ in our energy system.  Some of the other energy is relationships such as marriage, family members and children.

It is amazing all the different types of energy we are carrying around in our energy system.  And how much better people feel after they receive a healing.  They say they feel lighter and clearer and happier.  It’s awesome to be able to help people change their lives just by allowing them to reclaim their energy system.

For more info visit my Windswept Inner healing website describes what the healings are and what the results are.  The address is


Do you do remote healings?  I would like to have one.

Vickie Parker.  Yes.  I can ‘see’ energy from anywhere.  Once I have your unique energy signature I can heal you.


Great!  I’ll be calling next week for an appointment.

Clairvoyant Training Program

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Learn simple, yet powerful tools to increase your intuitive awareness and sharpen your psychic abilities. Go within to discover your own truths.

In this program you will:

  • Receive validation for your clairvoyance
  • Gain conscious awareness of your wisdom as a spirit
  • learn to attract the job, relationship and peace you’ve always wanted
  • Develop the certainty to communicate what you see
  • participate in a community of like-minded souls
  • Access the Akashic records
  • Read past lives and auras
  • Heal yourself and others without giving away your energies
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Heal unwanted patterns

This program is taught in a year long program for those who want to know and learn more about yourself and others. As well as healing yourself.


Interviews with Vickie Parker

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A walk-in is a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul.

A discussion with Vickie Parker, Director and Founder of The Windswept Center, and Brandon Thompson, a student at the Windswept Center about Walk-Ins.

BT:  What is a walk-in experience?

VP:  This is where two individual souls have agreed to switch places. The first soul has gone as far as it can in its development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken its place will serve in a different capacity than before. Normally, permission has been granted in order for this to take place. Another way to call the experience is soul transfer.

BT:  Tell me more about a soul deciding they are done and they leave.

VP.  When the individuated, embodied part of Spirit, the Soul, has completed what it set out to accomplish in a lifetime, it has three basic options: take on a new life goal (Reincarnation-in-Same-Body), die, or walk out.

If the Soul chooses to walk out, an agreement is made with another Soul to walk-in and continue the embodiment. This is not possession. It is not a requirement that a person be a walk-in to ascend. It is simply an individual agreement and another way of entering onto the planet.

BT:  So when the Walk in is ready to assume the body what happens?

VP:  The walk-in experience is so very individual that it’s difficult to give a definitive description. Here is an overview of possible experiences.

Usually, there is a “try-on” period of a few days or weeks or months when the new soul tries on the body before the actual transfer. The leaving personality may or may not be aware as it often occurs while sleeping, meditating or channeling. There may be a feeling of someone hanging around or loss of time.

The new Soul is getting the feel of the body. Remember, some beings coming in have never been in physical bodies and may need to get the feel of being densified. The new Soul is also reviewing the DNA codings and the existing energy patterns stored in all of the bodies and deciding what to keep or release.

BT:  So what does the soul in the body feel before the walk in changes places with the soul already in the body?

VP:  Sometimes, right before a walk-in, the personality may feel a sense of completion with the lifetime. This may manifest as extreme fatigue, severe depression, or suicidal feelings. This is the personality’s way of interpreting that a transfer is about to occur.

The personality may or may not be conscious during the actual walk-in. If unconscious, the transfer often occurs during a deep trance or sleep state. On occasion, the Soul chooses to manifest trauma to the body such as: accident, illness, coma, concussion, or emotional shock.

This allows the new Soul to more quickly integrate to a deeper level. Because all of the

BT:  What is it like for the walk in when they first come into the body and they have to interact with others?

VP:  A new walk-in is like a newborn baby. Because the emotional and mental bodies are “new”, they have not yet been imprinted from the environment. Like a baby, a walk-in is a sponge for the emotions, traits and beliefs of the people around them. It is vitally important that a new walk-in choose carefully the people they spend time with for they will be imprinted with those people’s qualities and biases, good and bad.

The most difficult situation for a new walk-in is to be around people who pull on them to be or be like the previous incarnate. This can be very tough because those people were usually emotionally significant to the previous soul, i.e., mate, parents, family and friends. They may not realize or believe that a transfer of Souls has occurred. When these well-meaning people project their emotions and pictures of the old occupant on to a walk-in, an overlay of the old energy called “ghosting” occurs in the new energy bodies. Clairvoyantly, it looks like a double image. This is so stressful to the physical body and personality that the walk-in may become ill or feel quite crazy.

The bottom line in the process of the integration is the physical body. Most of the body’s consciousness has nothing in its cellular memory banks for the walk-in experience except, “I’m dying.” If the body strongly believes that it is dying, it may begin to shut down the entire system. Also, the body may reject the new Soul at a cellular level, much like it can reject a new heart or liver. This usually manifests as rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and the pain, swelling and inflammation can be sudden and severe. In extreme cases, partial paralysis can occur.

The other common manifestation of body rejection is severe allergic reactions to food, soaps, clothes, plants, household cleansers, the environment, and yourself. Sometimes, usually in the very beginning, a new walk-in may have epilepsy-like seizures as the brain waves and electromagnetic functions of the brain change.

Often, a walk-in experiences psychic or multi-dimensional openings as the 7th(Crown) chakra is usually stuck open from the transfer. Sudden opening may make a person feel crazy, disoriented or spacey. They may be channeling constantly and have some difficulty knowing their own energy. As strange as it may seem, it is really helpful for a new walk-in to wear hats to protect their crown chakra.

BT:  What else can you tell us about the adjustment period?

VP:  Like a child, there is often an innate spirituality to a walk-in. This spirituality assists in the integration process as a person may turn to prayer or meditation to sort out all of the “Who am I?” questions and give the body a rest.

Most physical and personality symptoms of rejection and disorientation pass very quickly with a little integration. But the process of releasing the dysfunctionality and obsolete pictures of reality of the previous occupant may take years. Strong grief states are common as the body releases these old energies. The trick is not to resist and express the grief fully as it comes up. Then it seems to pass quickly.

Most walk-ins have a new life goal and bring with them new skills and abilities to assist them in accomplishing it. Also, usually an embodiment is chosen that has skills the new soul can use toward their mission.

If a walk-in was unconscious, there is usually the feeling, “I have something very important to accomplish—if only I could remember what it is.” As frustrating as this feeling can be, having a veil over the life goal for a year or so can be a blessing. It allows time for integration of the body, personality, and the lifetime.

When a walk-in is a fully conscious one, he or she often hits the ground running, so to speak. Usually, the veil over the live work is not present so they may not take the time to integrate the body. Often, “burnout” occurs and they may become sick at about the one-year point.

Some walk-ins never know what really happened—just that they went through a dramatic life change. The range of awareness spans across the board. Some Souls may just have a major karma that they wish to complete. Others, perhaps coming in from other dimensions or universes, may be here to assist in this planet’s transition to Light. There are many reasons for a Soul to walk-in but the main one is that it is usually quicker to integrate a new Soul into a new body than it is to grow a body from scratch.

Each walk-in experience has its own unique qualities. A person may experience all, part, or none of the things described here.

The one thing that walk-ins have found necessary is to be very gentle with their physical bodies. The body is not a vehicle but a co-creative partner in our life experiences. It takes time for the physical body to work through feelings of dying, rejection, abandonment and grief. But when the body consciousness understands that the walk-in Soul consciously chose this body, loves this body, and is willing to work as a partner with this body, then miracles can happen.



What is the Astral Plane?

Q.  So what is the astral plane?


V.  The astral plane, also called the astral world, is a plane of existence.  A subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe.

The astral plane is linked closely to the Earth plane. In fact, within the astral plane there exists a replica of the Earth plane, with houses, cities, nature and people.

Q.   Tell us more about the astral plane. What happens there?


Whether you are aware of it or not you go out on the astral plane every night.  Sometimes you’re in classrooms learning things from others who are on the astral teaching classes.  Or you’re interacting with others in a scenario or some other type of setting.


Usually when we go out on the astral we are interacting, learning and experiencing things we chose to do or learn with others in our astral body.


Q.   What does the astral body look like?


V.   Our astral body is energy and can’t be seen by the human eye.  It is connected to the human body by an energy cord.  This cord cannot be broken or destroyed.  No matter how far you travel the cord is long enough to go there.


This cord is connected to the back of the third chakra which is located at the back of the spine behind the soft part of the solar plexis.  And the other end of the cord is connected to the astral body’s third chakra, and this body resides inside of the physical body.


When we leave our body some of us leave through the top of our heads.  And others leave right out of the front of the  body.  It doesn’t matter which way we leave it’s just a preference.  I prefer the top of my head.


The astral body mirrors are physical body.  It has our shape and our looks.


Q.  So how do we know that we leave our bodies?


V.   For the longest time I did not recognize that I left my body.  Nor did I think some of the strange dreams I had were actual astral experiences.  In fact when I was young I was a sometimes a light sleeper and other times a heavy sleeper with no real memory of what I experienced.  It was usually when I was a light sleeper that I would have some recollections of images or stuff I did.  But back in those days they were all considered dreams.


As the energy begin to shift and become higher starting in the 60’s and changing tremendously faster after that the astral plane became more accessible to us.  I became more aware that I was actually participating in what I thought were dreams.  I actually thought they were lucid dreams, and I’m sure in the beginning they were as I actually would ‘rewind’ the dream and real it out in a slightly changed way.  I would do this over and over again.


It was if this playing with the lucid dreams led me out on the astral.  One of the very first astral experiences I remember was I was flying up and down a long flight of stairs, and when I looked down people on the stairs were watching me fly past them.  Their heads actually followed my movements.  Back and forth.  This was quite a validation.


And it was awesome.  I knew I was flying because I could feel it.  I was incredible light and graceful.  I was also able to see myself.  As if I stepped out and looked at me.  I had long dark hair and a very long, light nightgown looking garment on.


Since we’re talking about flying on the astral.  I remember now that during this beginning part of knowing I was out on the astral I had quite a few flying experiences.  I had people chasing me to catch me for some purpose/s.  And me just barely staying just out of their reach.  A lot of times it felt menacing and as if I was in mortal danger.


Q.   Wow!  Weren’t you afraid of going out on the astral?


V.   Sometimes my astral body was incredibly afraid of being caught.  Those chasing me didn’t look abnormal but their energy and their intent concerned me.  I could tell that if I didn’t do everything I could to stay out of their reach than they would capture me.  But I also knew in another part of me that I was ok, and I knew I would stay out of their reach.  That what I was experiencing was exactly what I was suppose to go through.



Q.  So what does the astral plane look like?


V.  I get this question a lot.  People are very curious about what the astral plane actually is.  And what is there.  And I think this has a lot to do with each of us as individuals.  What we want to learn and experience when each of us are on the astral.


For me the astral looks very much like the physical plane.  My experiences are in color.  The shapes of houses, buildings, trees, streets, cars and everything else I see is very much like what we experience everyday in this physical plane.  There has only been a couple of times that I remember that they weren’t.  In these I was in outer space getting ready to jump from one space ship hold down into another.  I had another similar one about 3 days later.  Where I was actually wandering through what appeared to be a space craft.



Q.   So tell me about some of the experiences you’ve had and what you seen?


V.   I’ve had experiences with people in buildings only, and the buildings are many and varied.  From old to new, and in many shapes and styles, and many time periods.  I’ve been in building with no one but me in the building and I’m exploring it.  And encounters with many people, and or animals or both in buildings with me.


I’ve interacted with others in car chases, along dirt roads through mountains and valleys.  I’ve hid with others from menacing energy that was very evident that they were hunting us.  I have sit in learning situations created in different times to learn particular things about those periods.  But most of my interaction deals more with the other beings on the astral plane than really noticing the ‘other’ physical stuff as trees, mountains, sky, clouds and nature in general.


Q.  What else have you seen?


There are a lot of animals where I go on the astral.  So what I’ve found out is we can interact with the animals just like we do with other humans. The animals I work with are usually cats and dogs.  Some trips I’m working strictly with animals.  Other trips I’m working strictly with people.  Then some trips I work with both.


Q.  So tell me your experiences.


I’ve met friends and family and acquaintances out there and worked with them.  Scenarios are created for us to experience, or we agree to meet to have encounters with each other. The scenarios could be anything.  From what it appears to be hanging out.  To some type of created staged encounter that we all play a part in.


All of the trips seem to have a theme of learning and growing in a way that you would not have in the physical body.  There doesn’t seem to be boundaries as to what you can learn and experience and encounter on the astral plane.


Not so long ago I was working with a litter of 4 young dogs.  They were about 2 months old and I had to keep them together and at the same time interact with a couple of humans of who it appeared I did not like.  I was ‘learning’ something about myself from herding the dogs and having an experience with the other humans at the same time.  I kept asking myself what I was learning and found out it related to how busy I was in the physical world.  That I had way too much to much to do and I was trying to stay on top of.  I was constantly trying to ‘Herd’ what I was doing.

Q.  Could you tell us more about when you first started going out on the astral?  I’m interested in knowing more what that was like.


V.   Earlier I talked about me flying in earlier trips to the astral.  As I became more consciously aware I was going on the astral I began working with beings on a lower level, but I didn’t know that then.  Back then I thought it was just to scare me but it was actually to “train me”.  Back then I thought it was more of a nightmare encounter.


So what was I suppose to learn from these scary encounters?  One of the main things was how to be invisible.  So you ask what do you mean invisible?  I was able to leave a room without anyone seeing me leave.  I was able to see something was going to happen before the ‘it’, the scary being, got to me and I was able to slip out and hide before they reached the spot I was at.


A lot of what I experienced after I realized I was going out on the astral had to do with what some people would call alien type scary encounters that I actually realized were created to help me, and the others who participated with me to learn how to run, hide and save our lives.  Before I realized this I thought I was actually going to be killed if I was not able to get away.


Q.  So how long have you been consciously aware that you go out on the astral?


V.  I would say close to 12 years.


Q.  So from a previous conversation we’ve had you said you know that you started at a lower level of astral encounters, scenarios or what felt like you were actually hunted.  Does this mean we start with the basics?  Such as survival.


V.  Yes. From my experiences and the types of beings I’ve encountered and work with there appears to be different layers of the astral.  Or you have certain experiences in different areas of the astral plane.  I say this because my first awareness of being there had a lot of what I call ‘Monsters’ there.  Some looked human but you knew they weren’t, and they were always hunting you.


You actually had to outsmart them, and then stay sometimes only steps in front of them.  And you knew if they caught you, you would be killed.  Seriously.  Every bit of me felt like I would be killed.


When I look at it now it was to teach me how it was like to be on the other end of the hunt.  And the only way to make it real enough was to use monster type human figures to chase and hunt you.


Q.  Tell us about a couple of experiences you had.


V.   I remember two experiences very well.  One was I did the invisible slip out of the room trick and ran down a street and slid under a car.  I laid absolutely silent on my back holding my breath.  Within a few seconds several people quietly came looking for me.


They moved without sound in slow, careful steps.  I knew they were looking for me in a 360 degree area based on the movement of their feet.  I prayed that they couldn’t smell me.  After a minute of absolute terror they would find me they moved on.  I did not come out from under the car for what seemed like hours, but was probally 10 minutes.  And I ran for cover in a nearby house.


The second experience was I was asleep in a bedroom on the second floor of a house.  I heard a noise and got up.  I was dressed in a long white nightgown.  I walked to the window and pushed the curtain aside enough to look out.


Down in the street in front of me at the opposite side of the street what looked like a transportation bus had stopped and parked.  As I watched someone opened the door and the interior lights came on and I got scared.  Stepping out of the bus were alien beings.  They wore nothing.  And they had huge eyes and long limbs.


As they all stood outside of the bus on the sidewalk they looked around them, and one looked up at the building I was in.  It ran toward the house. I dropped the curtain and moved as fast as I could to get out of the room, and quietly down the stairs.  All the time not knowing for sure it had actually seen or sensed me, but I was not going to take the chance.


I managed to get away but do not remember the outcome.  It felt like this experience ended when I left the house.


Q.  Thanks for sharing some of your experiences.  I learned quite a bit about the astral plane.  I think I have been out there based on some of the things you shared but I’m not sure.


V.   Everybody goes out on the astral whether they remember or not.  It is part of our learning process as physical beings.  Most of what we are experiencing now is getting us ready for the shift in the energy that more and more people are becoming aware of.


Q.  I went out on your website at and took a look at what you offer in classes.  I was impressed by what I saw.


V.   Thanks.


Q.   One of my friends is currently taking your year long program and has talked to me about working with your astral body.  Actually giving your self a new body because the old one is tattered and frayed from so much travel.


V.   A lot of the people are really surprised what their astral body looks like.  Some are messing heads or parts of limbs or torso.  And they are a dull color.  What we do in that particular class is create a new astral body, and step out of the old into the new.


The old astral body falls to the floor and the akashic record keeper of that person picks it up and carts it away.


It’s fun watching the people respond to the new body.  One of the students had back pain and when they put on their new astral body the pain went away.


Q.   What causes a worn and tattered astral body?


V.   It would be like our physical body interacting and mingling and doing things on a daily basis.  We get worn out, we get tired, and we show signs of use.  So we do things to help us regain who and what we are.  So that we’re whole again.


When the astral body is out they interact and mingle with other astral bodies.  Just like their physical body does.


Q.   Another thing my friend told me about was you actually do astral travel consciously.


V.  Yes.  We go out of our physical body and take a trip all the way out to the edge of the universe.  We stop as we’re going on the moon.  On Saturn.  Pluto.  Observing everything we are experiencing.  We can even see each other.


We also go to the Cathedral of Souls which is located out on the astral.  The Cathedral of Souls houses the Tapestry Room where all of the blueprints for every life we’ve had and for anyone who has been alive is stored.  It also has the Music of the Spheres.


You can actually go anywhere you want in your astral body.  In one of my Metaphysics Meet up group meetings we actually took a trip to the University of Utah Rice Eccles Stadium and hung out there.  It was really interesting to hear what the members saw and experienced.


We also went and checked out the Eiffel Tower in France.  Pretty awesome.



Energy Beings Inhabiting the Human Body

Hi I’m Betsy Stowe a student at the Windswept Center.  I’m interviewing Vickie Parker the founder and director of the Windswept Center about Energy Beings.


B.   Tell me about these beings.  There are some people who think it’s scary that beings can come in and inhabit human bodies.  Most think that it is possession or something akin to satanic experiences.


V.   Most of the beings I’m going to talk about are beings we make contracts with to help us, say for instance, stand, energetically speaking, between us and an abuser.  They protect us from the ‘punishment’.  This punishment or abuse could be physical, mental or emotional.


Beings can also come in to fight a fight for us against a group of thugs that caught us off guard in a dark alley or walking home at night.  Or they help lift a car off of a child that is pinned underneath it.  Not all beings that come into a human body are bad.


B.  But there are other types of beings?  Those who inhabit a body when an opportunity arises such as a person getting drunk and leaving their body.


V.   Yes, drinking lots of alcohol creates disconnect between the human body and the spirit inside.  And I’ll talk about this more later.


B.  Great!


V.    Beings inhabit human bodies more than people know.  They do this for many different reasons.  One of the first is to protect a child from some type of ongoing punishment or physical, mental and/or emotional abuse from a parent.  I’m one of these children, and I didn’t know I had a being in me until I was in my 30’s.


B.    Will you tell us more about this?


V.   Sure.  In an abusive situation children can’t handle what is going on.  The situation is more than a young child can take and they ‘leave’.  Vacate.  While they are gone the abuse happens and they are not aware of what happened even after they return back to the body.     A being coming in to protect is actually pretty common and I came across one a couple of weeks ago in one of my students.  She is totally unaware that she has one, and it is a powerful one that needs to leave.  He has fulfilled his ‘duty’ and should not be inside her anymore.


This being first came into her body to protect her from a step father.  She actually surrendered most of her identity in times of crisis as a child to this being.  The being would stand between the child (Her) and the adult so that the child consciously would not experience the abuse.  You could say that there was no body home other than the being when the child’s body experienced the abuse.


B.   So when the being doesn’t leave when the child grows up what happens?


V.   There can be a total disconnect when the being is in control most of the time.  What is interesting is that you can see the shift from the person to the being by watching their face.  The face actually changes in front of your eyes. Maybe the face gets longer and the nose changes.  Sometimes the eye color changes somewhat and they get taller. And what is even more interesting is if the being sees in your eyes that you saw the change they actually let you know that they know you saw them by a slight shift in the eyes or another part of the face as the lips.


As the years pass the being can become more in control of the human to the point that the human may hardly ever be present.


B.  So you experienced something similar?


V.  For a long time I didn’t know that the ‘talking to both sides of me” was me and a being.  What I mean by “both sides of me” is I would have conversations back and forth in my head about topics and I actually caught many years worth of these conversations in my journal.  Journaling was when I was more receptive to what was going on in my mind.  About me.  Inside of me.


One part of me would write about what they thought something was about. Or I had an opinion on something I heard.  Or experienced.  Then I would almost immediately get another opinion from what I thought was the other side of my brain.  Kinda like right brain versus left brain reasoning.


I just thought that I was fantastic at looking at both sides of things.  And as the conversations continued we, me and the being, would come up with combined finished ideas, an awareness, on a topic we were discussing.  Never once did I realize I had a being in me.  I was totally impressed and fascinated by my mind.


B.   So how did you discover the being?


V.   The being surfaced in an intuitive reading I had back in 2001.  The reading was a very thorough one that caused the being to show itself because it was fascinated by what was being shown to me about myself.  The reader actually saw the being by my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras, and let me know it was there.   The reader asked me if I would like to remove this being.   I went inside and clairvoyantly looked at it.  When I realized what its purpose was I asked the being is they were ready to leave.  It was hesitant at first.  I said that I no longer needed them to protect me. They were still protecting me even though the original experiences no longer occurred.


Once it reluctantly agreed to leave I worked with the reader who walked me through the steps from moving it out of the chakras and on out through the top of my head.  It was a fascinating process as the being actually was not quite ready to leave. It was in resistance.  So energetically I kept talking to the being that it was alright.  That I was all grown up and no longer needed it to protect me.


The process to remove the being took 20 minutes because I had to remove all of its energy from every part of me including my chakras, and the energy system around me.   The complete reading was an hour and half.


When the being emerged and stood in front of me it was a little boy about 5 years old.  He had medium brown wavy hair and big brown eyes.  He had on pants too long for him and they were rolled up at the ankles.  He had a checkered shirt on.  And boot like shoes.  He was very present as he looked at me.  He even smiled child like at me.


Then he turned around and ran off.  He disappeared through a doorway that did not exist on this plane.  What I saw vanished as soon as he went through the doorway.


With him gone I was totally different.  I realized that all the years he was with me I was looking through his eyes.  That I really was so use to him being with me that I was not even aware of the difference between myself and him.  It was an interesting experience becoming totally acquainted with a space I hadn’t inhabited by myself for ¾’s of my life.  It took awhile to fully get acquainted with how it felt to be the only spirit in my body.


On my own after releasing the being I would have anxiety in stressful situations but I realized I had to learn how to cope with it.  So it took me awhile to gain some sense of feeling ok when I was confronted with situations I was not use to or had experience with.  It took about a total of 3 or 4 years to really get to know who I was and to start understanding the world around me through my own eyes and my responses to it.

The major change that I noticed at the beginning of me being on my own was that my vision was totally clearer than it had been previously when I was looking through another set of eyes.  I felt very vulnerable for quite some time as I did not have that energy standing between me and the world.  But as the weeks past I totally loved having just me in this body.  And I was able to take full charge of me and live the life I came to experience this lifetime.


It was exceptionally hard for me to make friends because I did not have the tools.  All of my behavior before belonged to another spirit.  Work relationships was the hardest for me because I spent at least 8 hours a day with other people.



B.  Tell me about the OJ Simpson speculations that he had a being in his body when he killed his wife.


V.   There are stories that OJ abused his wife during their relationship.  There is also speculation that he killed her and Goldman in a jealous rage when he saw her with him.  And that the emotion he had at seeing them together allowed a being to come in to commit the murder.  There are those who observed OJ during the trial that were positive that he believed he was not guilty of the murders.  They base this on his responses to questions and how he behaved in court that he never once showed himself as a killer.  He was acquitted.


Let’s go back to what drinking a lot of alcohol does.


B.   You’ve discussed in a class of yours that alcohol consumption can cause the spirit of an individual to leave and allow a being to come in and take over the body.


V.   Yes.  A prime example of this is at bars.  If you are clairvoyant enough you can see beings hovering over the head of or staying close to people consuming alcohol as they wait for an opportunity to take over the body if just for only a little while.


For beings that don’t have bodies a physical body is prime real estate.  The reason some beings don’t have bodies is that they are not advanced enough to create a body for themselves.  So they take a body when it becomes available.


So say you’re with a group of people and all of you are laughing and drinking and having a good time.  A couple of hours pass and all of the sudden one of the people becomes angry and starts calling a couple of people in the group nasty names.  Everyone is astounded by the behavior because they have never seen the person act this way.  This is a prime example of a being taking a body.


Later on, usually the next day, the person who the body belongs to is back and has no memory that they were a handful until they were told by others in the group.  This person has no memory what so ever of anything happening.  They remember to a certain part of the night out but nothing after that until they woke up the next day.  They don’t even remember how they got home and in their bed.

‘Resistance’ Energy

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One energy that can prevent us from really honoring our path and grow in our truth is Resistance.

Notice that when you get resistant, what is the first thing that happens?

We get really serious.

And then our stuff becomes very, very serious because you will do everything and anything in your power to not go there.  To not look at it.

So you might even create other energies, other things in your life and make them very, very important, just so you are not looking at this one thing you need to actually handle in life.

When you go into resistence that energy can get like anything else stuck in your body.

So it can physically get stuck in your body and get stuck in your Chakras.

And if it is stuck in your body and it gets stuck in your chakras are you living out your path?

Are you living your truth?

Are you living really who you want to be?

Windswept Inner Healings

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Each and every one of us have experiences from birth to current time that influence how we feel and respond to the world around us. It not only impacts the physical and emotional body but also the energy body in and around us. This energy body is comprised of energy channels in the arms, legs, chest and back.   As well as the main chakras of the body that can’t be seen with the human eye.

The energy body is the first level where we receive information from people because everything starts as energy. Emotions, words, and thoughts received from other people are all energy and we hear and feel them first energetically.

If our response to the energy is pain, hurt, denial or anger or other emotionally charged responses than this energy embeds itself in our energy body. We house all of this information in the form of energy ‘pain’ pictures that are from childhood, relationships and other types of interactions with others. When this enters the energy body and the response to it is hurt, anger, and other emotions this ‘pain’ energy can enter into the body and cause physical problems.

Energy Healings remove all of this energy before it enters the body and causes health issues and diseases.  Moving out the energy gives back and changes the person’s life to a more healthy balanced and much happier state of being.