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Psychic Reading December 16th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Course correction shifts gears and turns hard to the right. Then a wiggle to the left. Then a grinding of gears. Followed by laughter. Then silence. You find yourself hanging on and realizing it is you laughing. And you’re laughing so hard tears run down your face. And this makes you laugh even harder. Never ever be afraid to experience your life in ways that allow you to be who you are. Because you will be totally and I mean totally ONE with yourself. You’re freaking awesome!! I know!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading October 15th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Open the doors and windows and allow the world in. You can no longer live small. Do small. See small. Or walk small. You are being called out to step into what you came to do. Which is to live your purpose. So drag it out. Dust it off. Step into it. Wiggle until it fits. Take two steps. Give the world a big smile. Laugh the laugh of ‘I did it’. Then OWN IT!!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Readings August 10th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Psychic Readings August 10th – Slough off anything and everything that weighs you down. Makes you have to stop and breathe before you can continue on. Trips you up and almost makes you fall on your face. Gets you in arguments with those you love. Take a step forward towards who you really are and your dreams that hide in your closet. Allow yourself to finally accept who you and what your real journey is. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading July 19th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Today is your choice day. You can walk out of a bad situation into a new life. Or you could discard 1/3 of what you own. There is even an option of taking a break from the world and do something simple. Go inside and get present with you. Listen carefully to your story and then decide what’s next. Trust that you know exactly what is right for you. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading July 1st 2014 with Vickie Parker

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New energy walks in so what do you want to do with it? Let it just pass you by. Or do you want to grab it and ride it. Today is about stepping out of the old, stuck and I don’t want to be here anymore. Even if you don’t know what direction you want to go you just take a step. One foot in front of the other. Or jump into your car and go for it!!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading May 26th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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There are ways to live your life. Then THERE ARE WAYS TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! So push open the door. Send a big “HELLO’ to the world. Listen for its big ‘HELLO’ back. If you’re going to live than live it all the way. No more. I’ll get to it tomorrow. Or. People like me don’t have these opportunities. Or. Maybe next lifetime. Count. 1 2 3. Say. ‘I believe.’ Now you’re ready to live the life you desire. Soooo. Push the door open and …… ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading May 10th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Everything is yapping at you at the same time. Hey Lady over here. No Lady! Me first. HEY!! Over here!! ME ME. Come and take care of me!! Day in and day out. Even in your sleep. While driving your car. Talking to your friends. Whoa!!! It’s time to silence the voices in your head. YOU. What do you have to say. The answer is NO! Next!! ^ Vickie Parker