This topic was very enlightening. I have always been a firm believer in Karma and have seen it at work, both in myself and in others. Taking this adventure and seeing how it works, was fascinating beyond words. When we travelled to the Karmic Arena and Vickie asked us to call upon someone we wanted to work out a Karmic issue with, I was hesitant at first. But I listened to what Vickie said about all of us having a higher truth, and suddenly I was at ease. I guess my hesitation layed within the people I wanted to call upon, and them not being receptive to me and why I was calling upon them. I was pleasantly surprised to see them appear and be able to complete my goal. Each week I look forward to this meetup group! Three weeks in for me and it has already made such a positive change in my life. Thank you, Vickie!!


Vickie has helped me to truly change my life and become a better all around being. The things that she has both shown me and taught me are priceless. Vickie thank you so much for all that you do! I Love You!


What a fun night! It was an interesting experience to find someone’s aura boundaries and to step into it (with their permission of course) 🙂 All of the exercises that we did really opened my eyes as to how much energy we are surrounded by every day, whether it is from the door knob or your co-worker. It makes you think about how that energy is co-mingling with your own and to recognize when people or objects are in your aura space, or yours in theirs. This was an entirely new way to connect with others in the group and it was really a great time. ”

-Diane E

Since I’ve met Vickie my life has changed so much, I have found an awareness that has brought inner peace and I AM SO EXCITED TO LEARN MORE!! LOVE YOU VICKIE!! ”


The meditations Vickie led us through were wonderful. Although I’ve been doing similiar meditations for years I learned some new techniques that makes the experience not only easier but more vivid. Loved it. Great people in the group including the new animal communicator and healer.


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