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Readings with Vickie Parker

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Today!!!! Windswept Readers.

Get a reading from our amazing intuitive group.

Vickie Parker Psychic, Healer and Teacher
Connie Hillenbrand Inca Shaman

Vickie Parker. I do long distance and in person readings. Here are some I offer.

Who are the Spirits Around You. Future Life Readings. Relationship, Past Life and Your Life Blueprint.

Call us at 801 560-3761 for an appointment.

Go here for all of the readings Vickie offers.

Psychic Reading October 28th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Fear seems to lurk everywhere. In the eyes of strangers. In the body of friends. In the news and plastered on TV. In our dreams. Why do we allow it? Why do we believe it? Why do we even want to put any energy on it? Everything is neutral. Everything is just is until we put a label on it. We need the ‘bad’ so we can have the ‘good’. So we can understand ourselves and the world around us. But it always is. Just Is. And nothing more. ^ Vickie Parker

Get a reading with Vickie Parker. Go here to see her readings.

Psychic Reading October 24th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Change is in the air but you find yourself dreading what is coming. There is a NO! Around letting go of haunting memories. And a double NO of letting go of relationship thoughts and images that no longer exist. Yet you have a yearning to move forward screaming at the top of your lungs. “I’m Free!!!’ “I’m Free!!!’ Yet you hide in fear. Drag out the old you and dump you in the trash. Then. Runnnnnnnnn into your future! ^ Vickie Parker

About Psychic Vickie Parker

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I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentient , Clairaudient and Precognitive. I see and read the past, present and the future to assist others in making correct choices and decisions in their lives. Giving insights, clarity, and guidance on any topic you are seeking information on. Clients say my readings are ‘Dead On’.

During a reading you will receive in depth insight and information on the topics you have questions on. If you are not sure of the information you’re seeking I will tune in on you and tell you what I’m seeing. I relate in detail what I’m ‘seeing, feeling, knowing’ and what it means for you.

Some of the topics I read on are Relationships, Business, Future Readings, Life Blueprint, Am I on my Path, Past Lives. Or any other topics you are seeking information on. Go here to see the complete list of readings I offer.

Psychic Reading April 21st 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Sometimes there isn’t words to describe how we feel. Emotions move through us and we feel and see the images attached to it. It jolts us. It makes us aware. It takes us on a journey that is like a bucking bronco. Or it moves us gently forward. Ever forward. The journey of life is the experience. The experience is the realization. Allow yourself to have a 3D version so you can be fully involved in your own life. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading May 31st with Vickie Parker

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Time to look in the closet and take a peek at the various aspects of you.  Are they in age or experience order.  Or your favorite.  Take a trip down memory lane and replay some of the top 5 profound moments of your life. Really see them.  Feel them. Then close the door.  Walk out of the house full of excitement for the next month, and the rest of your life.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading April 26th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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Just when we think we are on our path we get a wake up call.  Telling us to pay attention to what is actually going on.  As you walk through your life be aware of the little nudges or pushes or wild ideas that open up to something beyond your wildest dreams.  Be aware of every moment of your life.  ^  Vickie Parker