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Psychic Reading March 27th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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What are some of the ‘things’ in your life that come up and haunt you over and over again?  Did you talk trash about someone and it hurt them.  Or a recurring image of old slight with a first grade friend keeps popping up.  Did you know they moved on a long time ago.  Step out of the guilt of I did this and I did that so you can move forward in your life.  ^  Vickie Parker

Releasing and Healing Karma

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Karma is basically starting a cycle of action that needs to be fulfilled.  When you are aware you have things to do, or want something you create a cycle of action.

Once you start something, even if it was 5 lifetimes ago or when you were a little child, you start the ball rolling and forget about it.

Some of you created something 4 lifetimes ago, and haven’t completed it.  You forgot about it, and now you’re in a new body.  But the karma keeps working.

We don’t realize the power we have.  When we don’t realize our power we create many things because we don’t think it is real.

This is what we, quote “Pay For” this lifetime.  For many lifetimes.

If we don’t learn the 1st time we get another chance.  We reincarnate.

If we don’t learn the second time, we get another chance to learn.

We keep coming back until we understand and release it. 

Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker Recognizing the Energy of People You’ve Known from Past Lives

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Get a Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on a person this lifetime that you’re positive that you’ve seen, worked with, or interacted with in a previous lifetime.  What period of time did you know one another.  Get a confirmation on who this person was and what type of relationship did you have with them.



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Get a reading from Psychic Vickie Parker, Founder of the Windswept Center, on if you are on your life path.  There are different ways to find out if you’re on your life path.  Some people use numerology based on the month, day and year you are born.  Others look at yourpalms and see what the ‘lines’ say about you.  Another way is to actually look at you as a spirit and take a look at your blueprint.  The ‘map’ you created for yourself before you took this lifetime.

Get a Mini Reading from Psychic Get a Mini Readings on Why You Chose the Sex and Body You Have this Lifetime

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Get a mini reading on Why You  Chose the Sex and Body You Have this Lifetime and Why.  We all a preference as to if we want to be male or female each lifetime.  So why did you choose the sex and body you have this lifetime?  Maybe you made a contract to bring in a child so you could be their mother.  Or maybe you wanted a body that was athletic so you could experience extreme sports.  What do you notice about your body and why did you choose it this lifetime?

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Preplanning Your Life

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Each and every we decide to come back we first create an outline or blueprint of what we want to do in that lifetime.  Some of us use counselors.  Some of us seek out other souls who have had experiences we are seeking.

Some souls come back to learn all they can about the range of human emotion.  A few come to learn what it is like to be in relationships.  Or they choose souls who they want to interact with as a family.

Maybe we came back certain times in history to live and learn from what was going on during that time.  Or possibly we chose to experience life every 200 years, or every thousand years.

What type of blueprint did you create for you this lifetime?  Did you choose one main thing you wanted to accomplish that would take your entire lifetime?  What did you want to learn?



Get a Mini Reading on Why a Certain Person is in Your Life and Why this Lifetime

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We make contracts with ‘other spirits’ before we take another human body.  Who who are these people and what role are they playing in your life.  Are they your best friend and they are showing you unconditional love is?  Or it it a spiritual teacher or someone else who is giving you the knowledge t0 transform your life.  So you can walk your path.  Friends.  Lovers. Your boss and even your landlord.  Check out our website at

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