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Psychic Reading November 10th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading November 10th – Inside all of us resides the who of who we are. But it is a lifetime journey to find out who we really are. It takes others to be mirrors for us so we can see. Then there are those who tell us this and that and even put us in time out. So we can learn boundaries. Then there are peers who show us how to do this and that and the Who starts surfacing. We find ourselves attracted to certain others and we see a bigger picture. Then……… Be aware of your journey. It’s amazing!!! ^ Vickie Parker

Yearlong Clairvoyant Program

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Clairvoyant Class 1

Prerequisite: Energy Tools and Intuition

Reawaken your intuitive reading and healing skills and begin your journey to reacquaint yourself as a Spiritual being having a Human experience.

In this class you will:

* Receive Validation of your Clairvoyance

* Gain Conscious Awareness of your Wisdom as a Spirit

* Develop Certainty to Communicate what you see

* Read Past Lives and Auras

* Astral Travel

* How to Update your Akashic Records

* Meet and work with your Energy healing and Psychic Surgeon Masters

* Participate in a Community of like Minded Souls

This class is the first class of a yearlong program that awakens and transforms you!!!!

For a complete list of all the classes in the yearlong program.

For more info or to register please go to or call 801 560-3761.

Clairvoyant Training Program

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Learn simple, yet powerful tools to increase your intuitive awareness and sharpen your psychic abilities. Go within to discover your own truths.

In this program you will:

  • Receive validation for your clairvoyance
  • Gain conscious awareness of your wisdom as a spirit
  • learn to attract the job, relationship and peace you’ve always wanted
  • Develop the certainty to communicate what you see
  • participate in a community of like-minded souls
  • Access the Akashic records
  • Read past lives and auras
  • Heal yourself and others without giving away your energies
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Heal unwanted patterns

This program is taught in a year long program for those who want to know and learn more about yourself and others. As well as healing yourself.