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Have You Experienced the Auric Energy Field?

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If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have experienced the interplay of an outside energy upon you own.

Have you ever felt when someone was staring at you?

Have you ever had an instant liking or disliking for someone?

Do you associate certain colors with people?

Have you ever been able to sense how someone is feeling, in spite of how this

person was acting.

Have you ever been able to sense another person’s presence before you

actually heard or saw this person?

Do you find that some people excite or energize you more than others?

Have you ever walked into a room and tightened up, fidgeted or felt angry?

Do some rooms make you want to stay?  Leave?

Have you ever ignored or shoved aside a first impression of someone, only

to find that it bears itself out eventually?Are some rooms more comfortable and enjoyable to be in than others?

Do  notice the difference in one room from the next?  Did you ever notice how different you parent’s or children’s rooms feel from yours?

Q & A Hall Of Records in the Cathedral of Souls

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  1. 1. Sue Granger from Lubbock, TX.

You talk about having records of our lives in the Hall of Records in the Cathedral of Souls.  Can you tell me what mine looks like?

V.   Our records are stored in tall white columns and are sealed so that they stay private and intact.   Each of our personal records are kept in one spot in the Record room so that we can find them.

The columns are white marble and present themselves energetically to be close to eight feet tall.  When I ask to see your records I’m being shown that you have 6 full columns and another partial one.  So when I look I’m seeing 6 and one quarter columns representing your past lives.


So how do I find out about the past lives in my records?  I’m really curious how many lives I’ve had, and some of what I’ve done.

V.   You can go out on the astral to the Cathedral of Souls and go to the Hall of Records and ask the Guardians at the door to let you take a look.  These Guardians will take you to your records and will retrieve the information you are looking for so you can answer the questions you have.


I’m not even aware that I go out on the astral so I need someone to do this for me.  Is it possible for you to go out and get the information?

V.  Yes.  I do this all the time for myself and lots of other people.


Can we set up an appointment to do this?

V.  Yes.  I will email you some dates and times.


One last thing.  You also said we have akashic record keepers.  Are you able to see mine?  What do they look like?

V.  I can see akashic record keepers and actually interact with them.  These beings come and periodically  update your information in the Hall of Records.  Let’s add this request to the appointment and look at your records and your akashic record keeper.


Let’s do it .  I’m excited.

Q & A Aura Chakra Balancing

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Kathy Grey from Sausalito, Ca.

I heard about you from a friend who lives in Park City, Utah.  She told me about your Windswept Inner Healings website, and the Aura Chakra balancing she received from you.  She was totally impressed by what you told her about the energy you saw in her energy system, and how much better she felt after the healing.

Would you describe to me what a healing entails?

Vickie Parker.   An Aura Chakra Balancing works on removing the energy that is not yours, or not in current time out of the aura around you, and the 7 chakras of the body.  During an energy healing the client sits comfortably in a straight back chair as an Energy Healer moves around them healing and removing old childhood energy, pictures, traumas and other stuck energy from the legs and arm channels, and the chakras and aura.

The healing begins with the leg channels, one in each leg, and healer shares what they see and what they are healing.  After the leg channels are clear they move on to the chakras and heal and balance them back to their natural state of well being.  The arm channels and the aura also receive removal of energy that no longer serves the client or is not even their energy.

Energy healings remove and clear blocked and trapped emotional and mental energies.  These energy patterns are stored from events that happened yesterday as well as from many years ago.  Some of these patterns will be happy memories and some of them will be unpleasant  and painful memories.

Healing results are immediate.  Our clients say they haven’t felt this good in years and share their amazement that childhood traumas and other experiences could affect them on an energy level in a physical way.


My friend said the same thing.  The way she feels now is amazing.  I can’t wait to get this healing.

Vickie Parker.  We offer remote healings for those not in the Salt Lake area.  You can get an appointment for a healing at  Go to our services.  Professional healings.  To make an appointment click on Paypal button and choose and pay for the Aura Chakra Balancing.  We will call you within one day to set up a remote healing.


I’m excited.  I’m going to out on your website right now and pay for a healing.

Vickie Parker.  Thanks Kathy.

Our ‘4’ Bodies

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There is an Indian Belief that everyone is a house of four rooms.  Rooms called physical, mental, emotional (astral) and spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not complete.

We look at our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit as if each part is fully separate from the other rather than totally intertwined.  We believe that our bodies, organs and systems are totally separate from our thoughts, emotions, energy fields and our spiritual selves. We need to understand how our emotions work and how repressed emotions can create serious illness in our bodies.

When one of our ‘4’ bodies is dominant than then the mental state is where you spend most of your time.  If you experience a lot of emotions than this is your dominant state of being.

Throughout our lives, we are affected by outside influences that can, over time, cut us off from the very core of who we are. We need to learn how to balance and be in each of our bodies every day so our ‘health’ is 100 % of who we are.

Your Psychic Ability

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Your psychic ability has been with you since the day you were born.

We all enter the world with an innate ability to sense information that seems to come from outside, or beyond, ourselves.

This ability manifests itself in many forms.

And it provides insight and information as general as a gut feeling and as specific as the details of a future event. The ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning.

Have you ever experienced any of these?

Do you get hunches about things coming up in your life?

Do you sense what is going on with other people’s feelings?

Have you ever known about future events before they happened?

Are you aware of how your ability speaks to you?

As you begin tapping into your psychic information you’ll discover that it takes time to intuit exactly what it is you are picking up.  Either seeing, feeling, or knowing.

Imagine your intuitive powers as radio signals coming from station U-ESP.  The power is always there, you just need to know how to tune in.

This tuning in requires that you hit the best position on the dial so you receive the clearest signals.

Are You an Empath?

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Everyone is naturally empathic.

Empathy is the ability to read and understand people and be in-tune with or resonate with others, voluntarily or involuntarily.

An empath can relate to that person by sensing true feelings that run deeper than those portrayed on the surface.

Have you ever said?  “I feel really strange today, and I don’t know why!”  Or.  “I’ve been acting weird all week.”

The emotions, attitudes and feeling may not be yours.  They may belong to others around you.  It’s sometimes difficult to determine if they are our own or somebody else’s.

Part of the reason for an empathic response is the auric field around us.  We are constantly giving off and absorbing energy from and to what is going on around us.

We give a person some and we give them some, and this goes on with every person we interact with.

Energy Tools and Intuition Class

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The Energy Tools and Intuition Class shows you how to remove negative, stale or stuck energy that is no longer serving your highest good, and allows you to properly protect yourself when you are around people with negative energy.

This class also opens up your psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

  • Find the edge of a person’s aura.
  • Learn about your chakras and how to work with them.
  • Meet two of your Spirit Guides and find out why they are here to work with you this lifetime.
  • Learn how to visualize what you want to create in your life and send it out into the Universe so it can manifest before your eyes.

By the end of the class, you will be able to meditate, read the energy of other people, remove unwanted energies in a room and from your own energy field, and become more present and in tune with who you are.

Next class is April 3rd, 2010

Time:  9 am to 4 pm

Cost:  $90

The Windswept Center

835 East 4800 South, Suite 240

Murray, Utah  84107

For more information or to register please call 801 560-3761 or email