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Find Your Gifts to Share

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Ask yourself, “In what way can I share the love inside me as a spirit with those around me?”

Volunteer work, making soup for someone, reading to children, whatever inspires you to stand up and make the world a better place. Sharing yourself is wonderful thing you can do.

Each of us came to Earth with a purpose. If you feel empty inside, it may be that you haven’t had the chance to share your gift. Once you do, you feel alive and full of passion and hope. You look forward to each day. You enjoy making a difference and finding fun ways of sharing all you have.

Challenge yourself.  Get quiet inside and ask how you can manifest the love inside yourself as a spirit.


No matter how little or big the answer is, go for it. You will never feel empty again.

Birth your creations and share them with people you know or don’t know. Together we create a tapestry by inter weaving our lights with one another. If you could see just a small bit of it, you would be amazed. When times look bleak, that is the time we need to shine our lights the brightest that we possibly can. The only thing that can heal darkness is light.


The Earth Game

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Every day on planet earth there are all kinds of physical things going on.  It is very rare that we go inside and take a look at what we really are which is a spirit in a body.

A spirit who said I want to take a human lifetime and I want to learn this and that and this from this lifetime.  When we cross from the spirit world into the physical world into our baby body we loose the knowledge of the experiences we came to learn.

The spirit part of who we are.  Years pass and we grow weary of  always looking at the physical side, but we are not aware that this is the cause of the feeling that lives inside of us.  Lost.

So the search begins.  We look still outside of ourselves for answers but slowly the spirit song reaches us and we go inside.  We move away from the physical and look at planet earth as a wondrous teaching tool for the spirit.  For that’s why we came to earth in the first place to give our spirit the experiences it needed to grow.

So this earth existence is truly a marvelous experience  when we remember and understand that we came to this planet to give our spirit the information it seeks.  And this seeking in turn helps give back to the earth.  Who in turn grows and heals from what we learned.

Launch Party for New Healers Group

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Come join us for a get together to Launch a new healers group. This group is to bring together healers of all types and to get the word out about different healing modalities. As well as to create a referral list for the community of what is available to them. This group consists of all healers including artist of all types.

When: June 22nd, 2009
6:30 to 9:00 PM

Where: Tea Grotto
2030 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

For more info contact: 801 560-3761

Psychometry – The Power of Objects

Posted in Articles on June 5, 2009 by Vickie Parker

Psychometry in Greek translates into to measure soul.

The concept of ‘Measuring soul’ refers to an idea that every object possesses certain vibrations that reflect its inner essence.

Which can be read.

This type of intuition is often referred to as ‘seeing with the fingers.   It enables you to pick up information about an object’s history through holding or touching it.

You can read information from long ago.  Or recently depending on the amount of energy the object is holding.

Places and objects hold residual energy from the souls that come in contact with them as energy imprints.

Sometimes the sense of this is very strong, as when you touch a lamp in an antique store and the image of a pioneer woman reading beneath its lights flashes through your mind.  Sometimes the sense is weak, as when you feel a slight tingle at holding your grandmother’s favorite button tin in you hands.

Psychometric ability can turn places and objects into links between this world and the hereafter.


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Retrocognition means ‘backward knowing’. The knowledge of things that have already happened. Things that have occurred in the past. The ability to see or sense the past.

Retrocognition can occur on many levels. At its simplest it’s simply a ‘feeling’.

I know that this place was used for worship back a hundred years or so ago. I can feel the energy of worship with candles and song.

The ability to see a set of circumstances that occurred several days ago or several centuries ago in a particular room.

Reading past lives and describing what occurred in that life at the moment you are seeing and reading it. Gaining information from the past.

One of the biggest imprints our country experienced was the Civil War. The energy of the war still lingers for those who visit it.

There are stories of seeing marching soldiers.


Battle sounds.

Horses neighing.

The sound of moving cloth.

The smell of sweat and blood.

Notice what they are doing?

In you mind’s eye just allow yourself to see the war being played out.

What does the space they are in look like?

What time of the day or night is it?

Are the soldiers young or old or both?

What are some of the facial features you are seeing?

Can you hear words?

Really take in all that is happening. Even to the smallest detail.

What you see is what is happening.

The Akashic Records

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Out on the astral there is a place called the Cathedral of souls. In one large room of this Cathedral is a room called the Akashic Records. The room is filled with columns of human lifetimes. Some souls have more columns than others due to having more lifetimes.

Within this room is an area where all of our own information is stored. There a guardians there that will take you to the columns that are yours so that you may see your records. They will even let you look at something in particular about a lifetime.

Every lifetime we’ve ever lived is stored is a section that belongs to our soul.

From the first time we took a body and all the things we did that lifetime. And everything through all of our lifetimes are recorded and stored here.

Our marriages.

Our children.




Anything and everything we’ve done in each lifetime is stored here.

Reincarnation 101

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The universal energy that forms the makeup of your soul contains your personal code and soul map. It also has a complete record of the history of your journey to this point.

So have you ever wondered about who you really are? Why do you exist? Where did you start? Have you ever imagined that you have lived before? If so what did you imagine? Just notice for yourself what comes up.

Perhaps as a child you used to tell your mom about different lives you had. Maybe had dreams of places far away with people in clothes that seem familiar to you.

You read a historical story that you know without a doubt is true.
And you resonant to what happened and wonder why. The scenes remain so vividly in your imagination that you feel like you exist in a time warp.

From the incarnation side as a child were you powerfully drawn to being a doctor this lifetime because you were a doctor last lifetime?

When you experience a sensation, internally or externally from some thing you are told or that you read, pay attention.
You may actually get a gut feeling, a heart feeling, or even a vibration in your third eye that tells you you are being reminded of something you know from a past life experience.

These may be pleasant or unpleasant.

Reincarnation means ‘to be flesh again.’ The soul or spirit is reborn in a new body. The soul is eternal, and it chooses an incarnation for growth.