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Mini reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on Who are some of the Members of Your Soul Group

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Get a mini reading on who are some of the people you know that are members of your soul group.  Find out why these people are in your group and what your group come to learn on the planet this lifetime.  Maybe to be a family.  Or learning what friendship is about.  Or could be just to understand group dynamics.

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Oneness Bhakti Yoga Intensives Rocky Mountain States

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ONENESS BHATKI YOGA is a very powerful journey for Oneness Blessing Givers and Oneness Trainers that consists of various tools, teachings, meditations, Oneness Blessings, and devotional processes. It has been designed to move participants rapidly towards higher states of consciousness, Awakening, and God Realization.

We hope to arrange a live video-conference with Sri AmmaBhagavan, the founders of Oneness University, directly from India to take you into deeper states of Oneness and strengthen your connection with the Divine. In addition, there will be blissful dancing with the wonderful Bhajan band.

“Simply stated, Oneness is the dissolution of the sense of a fixed, separate self. Once we realize that our concept of the self is an illusion, we become capable of experiencing ourselves as a flow of consciousness that is no longer subject to the limits & conditioning of the mind.” (Sri Bhagavan)

Oneness University website:

April 22nd – 24th.  To find out more and to register go to

Register ASAP for this event to receive Pre-Sale discounts:

Vickie Parker is the Sponsor for the Awakening Oneness Trainers in the State of Utah.

Get a Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on What Your Soul Purpose is

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Get a mini reading what your soul purpose is.  All of us have a purpose and this purpose is what we work on each and every lifetime.  Some of us are here to heal others through relationships.  Some of us are here to help transform people’s lives though teaching them inner skills.  Then we have those who are caregivers who help people through the love and care they give.  So what is your Soul Purpose and what did you come to do and learn this lifetime?

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Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts

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The Windswept Center offers beginning, advanced and graduate program and classes that profoundly change your life.

Beginning Program – This amazing weekend workshop teaches you the basics of how to live in present time more centered and grounded while, at the same time, rediscovering and using your intuitive abilities. This class transforms your life and allows you to live who you are as a spirit in a body.

Advanced Programs – Clairvoyant Training Program – This yearlong program takes you on a transformative journey that reacquaints you with who you as a spirit in a body and all the natural intuitive reading and healing skills we all have.

Graduate Programs – In our graduate programs Work with the tools you learned in the clairvoyant program to deepen your awareness and clear energy blocks.
Remove layers of your experiences and old beliefs or beliefs that are not even yours. Find your own essence as a spirit in a body.

Windswept Inner Healings

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Windswept Inner Healings

Our energy system contains all of the information of every experience, emotion and trauma that each and every one of us
has experienced during our lifetime. This information is stored in the energy body, in and around us, and can be accessed by
an energy healer who can read and heal the energy system. Get a healing and live the healthy life you deserve this lifetime.


Aura Chakra Balancing – Receive an energy healing of the 7 chakras within the body, and the energy field / aura around you. This healing moves out any energy that is not yours from childhood through present time. The healing releases old and current time ‘pain’ picture energy. While balancing your energy system so you reclaim your own space for you.

Cellular Healing – The cells of the human body renew every 7 years, and are a tiny representation of you. Each cell tells a story about what is going on in the physical body.  A cell is energetically chosen from the part of your body that needs a healing. It is an exact replica of the physical cell. This cell receives a clean out to neutralize foreign energy, such as drugs. The cell is then put back into the body allowing it to update the other cells.

More Healings

Family and Relationship Healings – We look into the dynamics of relationships and heal the energy of each person involved by looking into the differences and the similarities. The Healer providing the healing is aware of the changes and the maturing of each individual and releases energy that no longer serves the relationship.
This healing also shifts the energy of each person into current time so that the relationship is healed and reflects what is currently going on inside each person.

Check out the complete list of the healings we offer

Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

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The Windswept Center is a Teaching and Healing Place. We all want to know why it is we are here and what we are learning as a spirit in a body. We teach people tools that reawaken their intuitive abilities to allow them to find the truth and  answers they seek this lifetime. We also do readings and healings so you can discover who you are and how to heal  yourself.

Vickie Parker reads on numerous topics including Past Lives, Relationships, Current time readings, Akashic Record Readings and any other topics you are interested in. Check out some of the readings we do.



Reading/Healing Session

Professional Readings

Readings on Topic of Your Choice

More readings topics



Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

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Vickie Parker: Founder of The Windswept Center, Windswept Inner Healings and the Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts.

Intuitive Psychic Reader, Reverend, Spiritual Counselor, Soul Purpose Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer,
Teacher, Author and Oneness Deeksha Blesser.

Reading, counseling, healing and teaching for over 14 years.

Vickie Parker teaches Psychic Intuitive Awareness classes and programs, and Energy Healing Modalities that allow you to reclaim and live the life you came to live this lifetime. She’s counseled, read and healed intuitively for over 14 years in the state of Utah and Colorado, and has a practice in the state of Utah. She does remote readings and reading/healings for those outside of the Salt Lake area, and have clients across the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Portugual.

Vickie is also the host of the Blog Talk radio show “Reawaken with Vickie Parker”. To hear a live or archived show go to:

Contact Vickie at (801) 560-3761 or  for a personal reading, healing or for more information.

Energy Tools and Intuition Class

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 Bring a friend and get $30 off your $80 cost. This amazing weekend workshop teaches you the basics of how to live in present time more centered and grounded while, at the same time, rediscovering and using your psychic intuitive abilities. Foundation Class for the Clairvoyant Program.

• Learn meditations that allow you to reawaken your intuitive abilities through the use of grounding, clearing and healing yourself.
• Gain knowledge of your chakras and how they influence your life.
• Discover the aura’ energy’ boundary. `See’ and `read’ color in this space.
• Claim the space around you to allow you to own your own space.
• Learn how to heal yourself and remove fear and doubt from your life.
• Use tools that release other people’s energy out of your energy system.
• Awaken you clairvoyant abilities and begin to shift into higher vibrations.
• Receive tools that `actively’ bring into your life what you desire.
• Take charge of your life instead of reacting to other people’s dramas and energy
• Meet two of your Spirit Guides and find out why they are working with you.

Taught by Vickie Parker

April 2nd, 2011
9 – 4 PM

The Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts
835 East 4800 South, Suite 220, Murray, Utah 84107 Call – 801 560-3761

Your Intuitive Self

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Everyone of us is born with the ability to ‘ know’  more about the world then what we see we our physical eyes.  Most of us use this ability without even realizing we are using this wonderful gift.  Some of us have hunches about choices of should I take that job or do I really want to move out of state. A ‘knowingness’.   Do I want to reallywant to meet up with that person I met at my friend’s party the other day?  A ‘feeling’.  There is something about moving into that new office that is raising flags that I don’t like.  And I’m ‘seeing’ problems coming up.

One of the easiest ways to tap into your intuitive gifts is to become aware of how you respond to what is going on around you.  You tune in to the person who sits on the otherside of your cubicle.  You sit and watch and feel people in a mall.  Or you close your eyes and  see if you can find the furniture in the room with out looking.

Akashic Records – Constantly Updated

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One of the most interesting thing about the Akashic Records is that our records are constantly being updated.  The thoughts and dreams and interactions with other people are posted to our records every minute.  This allows us to not only go way back into the past to see who we were and why, but to tune into this lifetime also.

The Akashic Records constantly provide individuals with a wealth of data, influences, patterns, talents and unresolved issues that they must deal with for their growth and development.   Our search for soul growth and individuality continually leads to times in our lives that may be thought of as a crossroads.  These situations in which we face choices, conditions, experiences, lessons, even people that can enable us to accomplish whatever is next on the soul’s learning agenda.  Depending upon the choices we make, we are led to another crossroads and another set of possible experiences.