Energy Tools and Intuition

Integrating your spiritual and physical life is essential for
living the life you want to lead. What may seem like an
impossible task is actually easy, fun and exciting
once you start using the basic tools taught in this class.

The Energy Tools and Intuition class teaches tools and
meditations that begin to allow you to awaken your intuitive
abilities through the use of grounding, clearing and healing

You will learn the following:

Being in the Center of Your Head in Present Time.
Running Earth Energy
Running Cosmic Energy
Closing Down the Chakras
Find the edge of your aura
Releasing Unwanted Energies
Finding Your Personal Space
Mocking Up Something You Really Want
Creating Protection
Clearing Yourself to Manifest
Replenish Your Own Energy
Meet your Spirit Guides

When: The First Saturday of Each Month, 9 am to 4 pm

(due on first day of class )

Taught by:Vickie Parker

Please email your reservation by January 31st 2009 for this class to

Held at the Windswept Center

One Response to “Beginning”

  1. I am writing for my niece, Catherine. I am a Psychic living in Upstate New York. Catie, early 20’s, has been living and working in Salt Lake City, and has just graduated from a college in Prescott, Az. Was wondering if your class schedules and prices remain the same? She is not familiar with what we do, and has had a lot of problems, psychological, from being bullied back East, in school. She’s on Prozac as a result. The family knows my feelings about this, but there it is. I’d like to introduce her to the Psychic studies you offer. When does your summer schedule start? Can you email me schedules and costs? Thank you. Amelia.

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