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Past Lives Influence Our Current Lives

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Past Lives are always an exciting topic because our current life is being influenced by a past life or past lives.  Some of us weren’t able to complete what we wanted to do last life time.  So we bring it with us this lifetime to complete it.

Validate yourself for who you are as an eternal spirit who has lived many lifetimes.

Some of the reasons people like to explore their past lives are:

To learn something from a past life that will help explain a relationship with someone this lifetime.

To discover a hidden talent or ability.  Gain insights into a medical condition.

How to resolve old karma.

Find an answer to why you have a fear or phobia in this lifetime.

Answers to a certain dream you have had.  Or reoccurring dreams.  To trace some of the actual lifetimes your soul has had.

Be aware that normal everyday happenings can trigger a past life memory.

Q & A Visitors in My Room

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Julianna George from Wendover, NV.

I’ve been noticing that there are visitors showing up in my bedroom at night.  They try to get into my bed, and it feels like they want to possess me.  Do you know who they are?

Vickie Parker.   I first noticed this myself about 3 months ago.  I’ve attributed these visits to the ‘thinning’ of energy barriers which are allowing others to come into our dimensions.  I’ve actually had two encounters now.

In the first one I was sleeping and woke up to notice that part of my foot was inside another ‘dimension’ or energy and that a male being was sneaking up on me.  His hand was outstretched and poised to grab the part on his side and pull me over to him.  I pretended that I was asleep but slowly and steadily moved my foot back on my ‘side’ of the energy.  He was not happy about my getting my foot out of his reach but he left.

The second one was a little over a month ago.  Again I was sleeping and I became aware of someone sitting on the other side of the bed, and then trying to get under the blankets.  I pushed against them and they were not solid like we are.  I pushed them again and they pushed me.  So I sat up and looked.  It was a woman with black hair in either a delicate dress or a nightgown.  She tried to sit perfectly still hoping I wouldn’t see her.

I pushed on her to get off the bed and she wouldn’t leave.  Finally I felt her leave and I’m sure she came back after I fell asleep and touched me.  But she wasn’t up to mischief.


Oh my gosh!  I think I’ve had a similar experience with a similar visitor.  She was not nice.  Do you have any idea what is going on?

Vickie Parker.  I want to call it the thinning of dimensions, but there are times I wonder if it is the ‘changing’ of the energy.  That it is lighter and clearer and it allowing us and others to share the same space.

What Beings are around You?

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Whether you are aware of it or not all of us have angels, guides, helpers  and other ‘beings’  around us that assist us on our journey through this lifetime.  There are some of us who work with one being periodically.  Others as for assistance when there are times in their life they need major guidance or questions answered.  Then there are others who are always tapped in and working with a variety of ‘beings’.  Receiving  guidance and clarification of  what they are doing and what their life path is.

Depending on what type of  ‘being’ we are and how we want to go through our lives we have the choice as to how much ‘help’ we want on our journey.

Running Kundalini Energy

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Kundalini is an energy that exists in everyone’s body, usually in a dormant state. This means that most people never feel it and never know it is there.  Kundalini, is a Sanskrit word that means coiled, like a snake.

It runs up the spine and makes the medical symbol of two snakes intertwining all the way up the spine.

Kundalini is a body energy just like the male and female energy, and other energies we run.  It’s another way to run some energy in your body.

It’s a very body centered energy.  When it kicks on you can really feel it in your body.

Everyone has had it kick on at some point you just didn’t know what it was.

It can make you really hot or cold.  It feels sometimes super hot and can make your body shake.  Most people have hot kundalini.

Brief Interview with Vickie Parker

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Having lifetimes on planet earth is the hottest ticket around for those who choose to reincarnate. You get to fully immerse yourself in both emotional and physical sensations. You even get a human body to reside in.

Planet Earth is a planet that offers the full realm of experiences. We have a physical body to ride in and we get to touch, feel, see and experience a whole realm of sensations and emotions. Highs and lows.  Ups and downs. So we can learn and grow as a spirit in a body.

Reincarnation is a choice and we decide before we come back each time this is what I want to look like. I want to be male or female. And this is what I want to ‘learn’ this lifetime. These are the people I want to interact with. So we can have the experience we desire.

The Infinite number of souls is a debated question. Some think that new souls are being born. Others believe that souls are coming back more often. I go with the souls coming back more often as this is what I’m doing.

Most of the knowledge about reincarnation and what we learn came through reading, asking questions about dreams and thoughts that would arise and make me ponder. When my intuition became stronger and I learned how to use it I was able to see my own past lives and how they influenced who I am this lifetime.

From my own experience and reading others I have learned that we do have the option not to come back. Most of those who don’t come back feel they’ve discovered who they are as spirit/soul. And feel satisfied where they are at. Completed. These are usually very, very old souls. I didn’t have to come back this lifetime but I did. The reason I did was to fine tune my healing and teaching skills so I could awake other people to who they are and why they are here.

Akasich Records in the Cathedral of Souls

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Akashic records.  Sanskrit word meaning sky, space.  A theosophical term referring to a universal filing system which records every occurring thought, word, and action of every person who has ever lived.  These records of each lifetime we live, and what we do and experience is recorded for each and every life.  The records are constantly updated and they can be accessed through meditation, visualization, astral projection and during sleep by astral travel.

All of us have an akashic record keeper who updates our records so that our records our current.   We also get visits from the record keepers when unexpected major changes or shifts happen in our lives.  They also come and update us when we change something about us as exchanging our old astral body for a new one.

The Akashic Records reside in an area in the Cathedral of Souls which is out on the astral plane.  When we visit this Cathedral we make our way through this huge building to the records area.  Outside of the entrance of the area are Guardians.  We go up to one of them and ask them to show us where our records are and they take us to them.  Our information is located all in one part of the records area and it represents every lifetime and everything we’ve learned since we as a soul began to take a body to learn and grow.

What is Intuition You

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The ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning.

Have you ever experienced any of these?  Just notice for yourself.

Do you get hunches about things coming up in your life?

Do you sense what is going on with other people’s feelings?

Have you ever known about future events before they happened?

Are you aware of how your intuition speaks to you?

As you begin tapping into your psychic information you’ll discover that it takes time to intuit exactly what it is you are picking up.  Either seeing, feeling, or knowing.

Imagine your intuitive powers as radio signals coming from station U-ESP.  The power is always there, you just need to know how to tune in.

This tuning in requires that you hit the best position on the dial so you receive the clearest signals.

Our Many Human Lifetimes

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Each and every one of us has reincarnated which means “to be made flesh again”.  Some of us have had many lives, while others come now and then.  The amount of times we come back is based on what our soul or spirit wants to know and learn and grow from each life experience.

Some souls come back to learn all they can about the range of human emotions.  A few come to learn what it is like to be in relationships, and they choose to be a particular member of it.  A mother, or child, an inlaw so that they could understand the dynamics of a family group, and what it’s all about.

Maybe we came back  certain times in history to live and learn from what was going on during that time.  Or possibly we chose to experience life every 200 years, or every thousand years.

Or did you choose one main thing to accomplish that would take your entire lifetime to do so?  What experiences did you want to have?  What did you want to learn?

Have You Experienced the Auric Energy Field?

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If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have experienced the interplay of another person’s energy field with your own.

Have you ever felt when someone was staring at you?

Have you ever had an instant liking or disliking for someone?

Do you associate certain colors with people?

Have you ever been able to sense how someone is feeling, in spite of how this person was acting?

Have you ever been able to sense another person’s presence before you actually heard or saw this person?

Do you find that some people excite or energize you more than others?

Have you ever walked into a room and tightened up, fidgeted or felt angry?  Do some rooms make you want to stay?  Leave?

Have you ever ignored or shoved aside a first impression of someone, only to find that it confirms later what you felt?

The Astral Body

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Every night we go out on the astral in our astral body.  Our astral body is an energy body that is connected by a cord to the back of the third chakra.    So that when we leave and go out on the astral plane and the astral body is ready to return or the body calls it back it returns immediately via the cord.

The astral body is a replica of the physical body.  It has the same shape.  It has chakras.  Toes and fingers.  When the astral body goes out on the astral it interacts with other astral beings.  During the course of our journeys out on the astral our energy body ‘wears’ out, or is missing part of itself.

So we replace the old body with a new one.