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Psychic Reading September 20th –

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Balance is knocking on our door today.  So look at what you need to do or bring into your life to help center you.  Maybe a walk in the park.  Buying that book you’ve put off years.  Purchasing red shoes.  The more simple the change is the more profound is the result.  ^  Vickie Parker

Join Us On Blog Talk Radio!!!!!

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Get a mini reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on What ‘One Main Thing or Life Theme’ you Want to Accomplish or Learn or Grow from this Lifetime.

Find out about ‘One Main Thing or Life Theme’ you put in your blueprint this lifetime to experience and learn as a soul.  Did you come to learn about relationships with a family, or did you come to be a painter so you could experience what it was like to create.  Learn your ‘Main Thing or Theme’ you want to experience this lifetime.  Check out our website at

Every Sunday Evening 6:30 PM MST.


Vickie Parker on Blog Talk Radio Every Sunday Evening

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Join us on Blog Talk Radio for amazing on air readings on many psychic, spiritual and other topics with Vickie Parker of Reawaken every Sunday 6:30 PM MST.  Check out our last show.

Don’t miss out on listening to our large archive list. 

Get a Mini Reading on if You Are on Your Life Path, and if not Why.

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JOIN US ON BLOG TALK RADIO!!!!!!!    6:30 PM MST     Get a reading from Psychic Vickie Parker, Founder of the Windswept Center, on if you are on your life path. There are different ways to find out if you’re on your life path. Some people use numerology based on the month, day and year you are born. Others look at your palms and see what the ‘lines’ say about you. Another way is to actually look at you as a spirit and take a look at your blueprint. The ‘map’ you created for yourself before you took this lifetime.

Reawaken Radio Show Questions – Life Blueprints

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Marilyn Snow  from Bethany, NY

I’ve listened to a lot of your shows and I’ve been intrigued for awhile about our life blueprints we create each lifetime.  Can you tell me how we plan our lives?

Vickie Parker:   When we decide that we want to have another lifetime we actually ponder and decide what it is we want to do.  Not only do we plan our experiences but we also start at the beginning of the actual first step of the blueprint.

What are we going to look like?  Male.  Female.  Color.   Shape.  Tall. Short.  Brown eyes.  Blue Eyes.  Who will give us the genetics we need for the body we want.  So we choose our parents.  We choose our siblings.  We choose our birth date and time.

We choose the experiences we want to learn from our immediate family, friends, enemies, co workers, strangers and many more people we want to interact with.  We bring with us an artistic ability. Drawing. Painting.  Maybe we want to dance in this lifetime.  We choose whatever it is that we think will help us get the most out of each lifetime.

Some of us seek out counselors and have them help us plan out our next lifetime based on some needs they think we need to have to help our spirit grow.  Then there are others who approach other souls who have had experiences that they would like to have.

Get a Mini reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on a Past Life Physical or Emotional Issue You Brought back to Complete this Lifetime

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We all have some ailment or physical, emotional or ‘problem’ in this lifetime that we bring forth from a past lifetime.  Could be karma with another person,  a stiff neck from being beheaded during a fierce battle during the dark ages, or relationship issue with someone who is a friend or family   Find out about something you brought into this lifetime to experience or complete, and receiving a healing to release this energy.

Check us out at

We are live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

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Vickie Parker: Founder of The Windswept Center, Windswept Inner Healings and the Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts.

Intuitive Psychic Reader, Reverend, Spiritual Counselor, Soul Purpose Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer,
Teacher, Author and Oneness Deeksha Blesser.

Reading, counseling, healing and teaching for over 14 years.

Vickie Parker teaches Psychic Intuitive Awareness classes and programs, and Energy Healing Modalities that allow you to reclaim and live the life you came to live this lifetime. She’s counseled, read and healed intuitively for over 14 years in the state of Utah and Colorado, and has a practice in the state of Utah. She does remote readings and reading/healings for those outside of the Salt Lake area, and have clients across the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Portugual.

Vickie is also the host of the Blog Talk radio show “Reawaken with Vickie Parker”. To hear a live or archived show go to:

Contact Vickie at (801) 560-3761 or  for a personal reading, healing or for more information.