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Become Aware of Your Past Lives

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So how do you discover your past lives?

You first become more intuned with who you are now.

At the same time become more aware of what you think about, the type of lifestyle you live, the friends you have.

Your likes and dislikes in food, clothing, home furnishings.

Take a look at you personally.  How do you dress?  Why do you dress that way?

Do you have a favorite item you carry around with you?

Are you attracted to certain periods of time?  Guns, knives or certain clothes.  Or styles.

Begin to really examine everything about yourself, and allow past life clues to begin surfacing.

Really notice what things you are attracted to,  the colors you like,  the movies that draw you and write down everything.  Let your emotions and your thoughts tell you about who you were in a previous lifetime.

Our Akashic Records

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These are permanent records for every person who has ever lived.  These records include all of the lifetimes of every person and everything they did and learned during each lifetime.

These records are stored in a huge room and grouped by the individual soul they belong too.  Guardians stand at the entrance of the room and direct visitors to their records.  These records are stored out on the astral in a place called the Cathedral of Souls.

All of us have an akashic record keeper who updates our records so that our records our current.   We also get visits from the record keepers when unexpected major changes or shifts happen in our lives.  They also come and update us when we change something about us as exchanging our old astral body for a new one.

Radio Show On Air Past Life Reading

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Christine Croft from Madison, WI.

I had a friend call me and tell me that you were able to read a past and future life for him, and that it was awesome.  He said everything you told him in both of these lives felt true to him.  How do you see past lives?

Vickie Parker, Psychic.

I am in a meditative trance state when I do readings.  For past life and future readings I ask to see them and they show up.  What usually shows up first is what I call scenery.  Buildings, furnishings, surroundings such as trees, flowers or whatever is showing for this part of the reading.  If I’m not seeing the person in the life I start looking for them.  Once I find them I watch, look and read who they are, what they are doing, what period of time it is, what they are learning, and any other information that shows itself.


So can you look at me and tell me what you see for me?

Vickie Parker, Psychic.

Yes.  There are two lives showing.  One is a male life.  The other is a female life.  Which life are you interested in knowing something about?


The female life.

Vickie Parker, Psychic.

The female life is in Scotland about 1200 AD.  There are only a few buildings and people.  It is very quiet except for nature sounds that are all the way around me.  I see sheep.  I see evidence of primitive farming.  Now I am hearing footsteps and I’m watching to see who it is.  It is a man of about 20.  He is carrying what looks like something wrapped in cloth.  He stops.

About a minute later a young woman shows up.  No more than 16 years old.  He takes off his hat and smiles at her.  She shyly dips her head and looks up at him.  He hand her the cloth and she opens it.  Inside is a gold coin.  She shakes her head ‘no’, and hands it back to him.  He frowns.

What I’m getting is that he is trying to buy her.  What I mean is that she is losing the property that has been in her family hundreds of years and he is offering her a way to take care of the debt she owes so she doesn’t lose it.  She declines because this would mean she would have to give herself to him.  Either in marriage or with her body.


Wow!  That certainly means something to me.  I’ve always felt that I couldn’t lose anything that I own to the point of obsession.  Now I think I can explore this further and let it go because I’m not in danger of losing anything, and have never been in this life.  Thanks much for this reading it really freed me.

Vickie Parker, Psychic.

You’re welcome.

Past Life Cast of Characters

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When you are doing past life readings there are many things you can look for and many questions you can ask about each of the characters you encounter.  You might begin with who, what, when, where, and why?

WHO are the characters?  If you are noticing some showing up for you are they someone that you recognize from dreams or other images from your unconscious mind?  If the person your are reading tells you they recognize the person you see.  You will want to gain as much information as possible on their relationship to other characters in your readings, if there are others.

WHAT are their physical descriptions and their approximate ages?  What are their personalities?  What do you see them doing?  What do you hear them saying?  What are their emotions?  What do they smell and taste?  What is their role in your reading?  What is their relationship, or are any of them related in a past life?

WHEN do the characters live in the reading?  Can you determine the time period?  If you can’t determine the time period you can sketch their likeness, or verbally communicate what they look like to the person you are reading.  Allow your unconscious mind to work on discovering the time period.

WHERE are your characters located in the reading?  Get the best description you can.  Remember to consider all these questions with your 5 senses.  You may want to ask yourself where the personality of the main character is in the reading, and have them show up.

WHY are the characters important?   How do they relate to this life?  Is it possible that at first you will find a character popping up who seems to be unrelated to what you are reading.  If this happens, just relate the information to your client and let them decide how to use the information.

An Email From a Radio Show Listener

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A friend of mine was in Salt Lake to visit a relative over Thanksgiving.  Her relative suggested getting a reading for both of them.  They went out on the web and found your business the Windswept Center.  To make this short they called you and set up an appointment.  When they showed up you saw that they had a joint past life experience that they were currently working through so you read them both at the same time.

What they found out was an amazing story of two sisters crossing the prairie during the  time of the heavy migration into the mid section of the US.  They were with an Aunt and Uncle who cared for them as their parents were dead.  The girls were 12 and 10 years old.  Even though they traveled in a group of 8 wagons this was not enough to deter robbers from overcoming them and killing all but two of the people.  The sisters.

The older girl and her sister hid under an overturned wagon hoping they wouldn’t be found.  One of the robbers saw the older sister’s skirt barely peaking out from under the wagon.  Once she realized he would come for her she came out from under the wagon and pretended she was the only one left.  Leaving the younger sister alone and having to somehow survive she was racked by guilt and fear for what would happen to her.

10 years later they happened to meet by coincidence at a fort because the youngest sister’s husband was transferred there.  Not known to her her oldest sister’s husband was stationed there.  Each woman noticed their resemblance to each other and they finally asked if they knew each other.  Where were they from?  Was there a common relative? And as they kept asking questions they started to realize they were related.  And finally they were sisters.

What they told me at this part brought tears to their eyes as they shared what they came to work on this lifetime.  They wanted to experience the same type of life but this time they swapped roles.  The woman who was the youngest sister took the older sister’s role of believing she left her sister to die.  While the youngest sister assumed the robbers would rape and kill her sister.  What they both lived through this lifetime was incredible and to be able to find each other again more than amazing.  The odds were too great, but they found each other.

I even cried.  Thanks so much for seeing and reading this for them.  They now truly understand all of the pain and guilt they each carried around and why.

Reading the Layers of the Aura

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Each and every one of us has an aura around us.  The aura can be close to the body or several feet away from it or even bigger than that.  Inside of the aura are aura layers and each layer has a specific purpose.

Each layer of the aura has a function or meaning, depending on how you want to view it.  So the first layer is directly related to the 1st chakra, and is about survival of the body. Layers can be narrow, a couple of inches wide, or they can be broad.  Several inches wide.   When I read the layers they are different widths based on the purpose of the layer and how the person feels about that purpose.

So if we are looking at a person’s survival layer, 1st layer, it may only be 2 inches wide.  A lot of times this tells me that they fear for their survival.  They could be unemployed and not having any luck at finding work.  Or they had survival issues when they were little about the relationship between their parents.

There are colors in the aura layer also, and the colors can tell you specific information on what is going on in the layer.   Let’s say I’m looking at the 6th layer which deals with the spiritual information of the person.  I see that there are pink fluffy looking clouds near their head and shoulders, and that there is gold around the clouds.

I tune into the energy and read the clouds and color and what I get is they feel good about where they are as a spirit in a body, and that they have a strong connection to the supreme being, source, god or whatever the person I’m reading calls this higher consciousness.

Are You Dreaming or Are You Out on the Astral?

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Some people think that they are just dreaming when they are actually out on the astral.  Some of states we experience when we are sleeping are dreams.  While other more vivid types of interactive experiences occur out on the astral.

There are also different types of dreams.  One of them is lucid dreaming.  A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming. When the dreamer is lucid, he or she can actively participate in and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can seem extremely real and vivid depending on a person’s level of self awareness during the lucid dream.

Sleeping experiences that are sometimes considered dreams are actually the person leaving in their astral body to go out on the astral plane to interact and learn from others there.  Sometimes we go out to meet friends to have interactions with or to create scenarios to learn from.  Other times we go to learn something in particular from teachers, or from others we want in our lives.

These astral trips are can be as vivid and real as every day interaction with other people.  Sometimes we know the people we are with and other times we don’t, but every trip we take to the astral plane we learn and grow.