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Psychic Reading January 3rd 2015 with Vickie Parker

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If you haven’t put out to the universe what you want this year than today is the day. A 3 day is about new beginnings in all forms. So drag out the wishes and desires and dreams. Shake off the dust and really look at which one you want to move forward with. If you can’t decide then close your eyes and let your intuition choose. Don’t second guess if you chose right. Because you did!!! Look yonder I see it on the horizon. Whoo! ^ Vickie Parker


Psychic Reading December 12th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Get ready for change coming at you from many different angles. You will not be able to duck it. Nor run from it. Hide in the closet. Change your appearance as it can find you no matter where you are. It is time to step out of what doesn’t work into what does. This requires that you open yourself to the experience and trust what your next step is. Ok! I’m ready. Bring it on!!! ^ Vickie Parker

Get a reading from Vickie Parker!!!

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Reading and Healing Session

Release all energy that is ready to move out from old relationships, job experiences, mother and father childhood encounters and lessons and other issues so you can reclaim you for yourself.


I arrived at the Windswept Center for a reading from Vickie Parker. I had never had a reading and was doing it for a girls out weekend. At the end of my reading Vickie preformed a healing for me. I could feel the negative energy being removed from my body. I also was able to release negative past experiences that had been keeping me tied to the past. A few days after the healing I had the profound sense of inner peace that I have been searching for. Thank You Vickie for healing me from the ties that had binded me to my past.”

Loreli N

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Healing Testimonial for Vickie Parker

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We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for coming and clearing the energy in our home from all the events that have happened there over the last few years.  Of course, we especially thank you for clearing Robert’s energy out of our home.  We have not needed to shut the door of the room he used to live in since you left.  I (Karen) have even opened the blinds in that room a couple of times and let some light in which felt really good.  That door had been shut literally since November 3rd of last year. The sadness and darkness is just gone.  I feel as if we are claiming the home that now belongs to us.  I also want to thank you for the healing you gave to me.  Since the healing, I don’t feel as if my heart is broken or shattered and I really do feel as if I can move on and that the death of Robert is no longer stamped on my soul. I also don’t feel responsible or guilty about Robert’s suicide anymore in my soul.   The insight you gave us into the situation was really helpful.  Thanks for also balancing our dogs (Jazz and Pooh Bear) energy/auras.  They have never been so calm or quietly fascinated with a guest we’ve had to the house.  May God bless you and also in your continued work in helping and healing others.  We are truly at a point where we feel we can start to move on as I think we were just really stuck.
Thanks again, Lance and Karen L

ReAwaken with Vickie Parker on Blog Talk Radio!

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Get a Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on the Chakra that influences Your Life the Most

Each one of us has information stored in our chakras that influence how we see and react to the world.  From the first moments of life through current time we are receiving information about ourselves from other people.  One chakra in particular will drive and most influence how we view the world. 


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Windswept Inner Healings

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Windswept Inner Healings

Our energy system contains all of the information of every experience, emotion and trauma that each and every one of us
has experienced during our lifetime. This information is stored in the energy body, in and around us, and can be accessed by
an energy healer who can read and heal the energy system. Get a healing and live the healthy life you deserve this lifetime.


Aura Chakra Balancing – Receive an energy healing of the 7 chakras within the body, and the energy field / aura around you. This healing moves out any energy that is not yours from childhood through present time. The healing releases old and current time ‘pain’ picture energy. While balancing your energy system so you reclaim your own space for you.

Cellular Healing – The cells of the human body renew every 7 years, and are a tiny representation of you. Each cell tells a story about what is going on in the physical body.  A cell is energetically chosen from the part of your body that needs a healing. It is an exact replica of the physical cell. This cell receives a clean out to neutralize foreign energy, such as drugs. The cell is then put back into the body allowing it to update the other cells.

More Healings

Family and Relationship Healings – We look into the dynamics of relationships and heal the energy of each person involved by looking into the differences and the similarities. The Healer providing the healing is aware of the changes and the maturing of each individual and releases energy that no longer serves the relationship.
This healing also shifts the energy of each person into current time so that the relationship is healed and reflects what is currently going on inside each person.

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Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

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The Windswept Center is a Teaching and Healing Place. We all want to know why it is we are here and what we are learning as a spirit in a body. We teach people tools that reawaken their intuitive abilities to allow them to find the truth and  answers they seek this lifetime. We also do readings and healings so you can discover who you are and how to heal  yourself.

Vickie Parker reads on numerous topics including Past Lives, Relationships, Current time readings, Akashic Record Readings and any other topics you are interested in. Check out some of the readings we do.



Reading/Healing Session

Professional Readings

Readings on Topic of Your Choice

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