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Windswept Readers * Readings

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Windswept Readers * Readings
801 560-3761

Today’s Readers
11 to 6 PM

• Vickie Parker Relationships, Business, Future Readings, Life Blueprint, Am I on my Path, Past Lives. Or any other topics you are seeking information on.

My readings are in depth and to the point.

Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission.

Long Distance Readings Available.
I do readings and healings in person as well as long distance as I can ‘see, read and heal’ people no matter where they are.

Go here for the complete list of Readings with Vickie Parker

Weekly Monday through Sundays. Walk Ins Welcome!!!
11:00 AM to 6 PM
Sundays 12 to 6 PM

The Windswept Center
835 East 4800 South, Suite 220, Murray, UT 84107
Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission.

Psychic Reading December 9th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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If you haven’t spent much time pondering who you are you’re missing the whole reason why you are on the planet. All it takes is to sit down and converse either aloud or silently to the Who of Who You Are. That awesome being who resides inside. Hello!!! I know you’re in there. Don’t be afraid. I just want to meet you. WHAT?! I didn’t hear what you said. OH! Wow! You sound just like me. Time to dig deep into who you are. Then live it!! ^ Vickie Parker

Call and set up a Reading!!! 801 560-3761 30 minutes for $40 and on up.

Testimonial for Vickie Parker

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Client Testimonial-

Dear Vickie,
I just wanted to thank you for your time and your kindness yesterday. I was nervous and excited to get a reading from you. When you started reading my friend Susan, and I realized you really did have the abilities your website said you had, I did become a little afraid and protective of myself, as you quickly picked up on. It felt a little scary to know that it was possible to have you see the real me, and a little disconcerting to think of what that might reveal. You quickly put my mind at ease and were kind, thoughtful, and generous with the both of us. I think you also picked up on the fact that while we have been dear friends for almost twenty years, there are still some ways in which I think we both are guarded with each other and protective of our true inner feelings.

I really appreciated your insight, and I am going to think on the things you told me, and hopefully set another appointment with you in a couple of weeks. It really was amazing and beautiful to see the gifts that you have.
Thanks again,

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Psychic Reading March 22nd – Step back and observe others. Watching how they move to establish their place. How they present themselves to the world. Even all the elaborate ‘stuff” we put on ourselves to be seen. It’s all about naming the game but the truth is there is no name. What you see is what you get. So what about just wearing who you are? ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading March 19th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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Today ushers in ‘new’ energy.  So what are you looking at bringing in?  Maybe a new look needs to present itself to the world so you can begin steps in other directions.  Or the old look doesn’t define where you are in your life, and it keeps you stuck.  Step back and ponder the new for you, and then go for it.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading January 30th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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There is the energy of change in major form setting in front of us today.  It has a lot to do with how we criticize and judge ourselves based on family patterns.  Look at one ‘thing’ or ‘word’ that you use against yourself and see that it has no power.  Every word, every gesture is energy just let it flow out of you life.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading September 21st 2011 with Vickie Parker

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Everywhere around you is the possibility for new beginnings.  What book ideas or new relationships or whatever you have jotted down to do in the future would you like to unfold today.  Be open to stepping forward into your dreams and change your life.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading August 29th –

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Work on your relationship with you today.  There appears to be a separation in how you present your self to the world.  Our exterior is showing a particular image.  The inside is presenting emotions in our eyes that speak a different story to the world. Take a good look at where you are today.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Readings August 28th 2011 with Vickie Parker

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Whatever you put your mind on today is going to open doors to different ways of looking at ideas.  Allowing different paths to unfold in front of you.  Be open to stepping off your normal way of living and let in people that show you possibilities you never thought of before.  ^  Vickie Parker

Reawaken with Vickie Parker on Blog Talk Radio Sundays

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Get a mini reading/healing from Medical Intuitive Vickie Parker on ‘One Physical or Emotional Issue’ that is affecting how you life your life.

So what do you notice about yourself?  Do you feel drained or unable to move forward in your life?  Do you have aches and pains that keep you from living the life you desire?  Most of us have childhood issues and other experiences that we hold the pictures and energy of in our body.  Find out what you’re hold and receive a mini healing on it.

6:30 PM MST