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Reawaken Radio Show

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Monday, April 20th, the topic is Reading and Healing. Vickie Parker will be interviewing 4 Windswept Center students on what they learned from the first Clairvoyant program of the year long series.

Vickie is also going to give a current time reading to Brandon Thompson on some topics he’s seeking information on.

You will learn how to reclaim your space through learning how to ground to earth and cosmic energy that puts you in a meditation space. Using tools to release other people’s energy out of your space.

Earth Jam April 25th & 26th

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The Windswept Center
Psychic Readings at Earth Jam!

April 25th and 26th 10 AM to 9 PM
Located: Liberty Park
900 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, Utah

Come and find out about Karma you’re working
through this lifetime. Or about a past life that
is currently influencing this one. Check out a
current time reading to see what you working
on right now.

Readings are 15 Minutes for $20.
Two readings for a friend and you $35

Our booth is located in the Fire Stage area.
Look for the Windswept Center sign.
Check out our website at
for more info about us.

ReAwaken Internet Radio Show with Vickie Parker

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Every Monday at 11 AM  MST  my radio show airs with new interviews and topics on reawakening your psychic abilities to find the truth and answers we all seek this lifetime.  On my website you will find a link called ‘Radio’.   Click on the link and it will take you to where the show is.  There are mp3 files attached so you can listen to some of the shows we have aired.

Some of the topics we’ve aired are hypnosis, psychic abilities, karma and the karmic arena, finding out about a past life for you, astrology, soul paintings, on the air readings of call ins about past lives, karma, and an overall current time of where you are at and what you are working on.

This coming radio show is about Numerology.     It is an interview with Betsy Stowe,  a teacher at the Windswept Center, about how she discovered numerology and what changes occurred in her life and reawakened her to what she came to do this lifetime.  She is also creating a Numerology Program to teach  at the Windswept Center that will  delve in karma and master numbers as part of what she will teach.

Join us.  The link is :

Healers Network

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Marja Shelly, Healing Spirit Arts, and myself created a Healer’s Nework in February 2009. The Network is for healers of every category. Massage Therapist, Reiki, Energy Healing, Resonance Repatterning, Yoga, Theta, Reconnective Healing, etc. We have had two network get togethers at the Tea Grotto at 2030 South 900 East in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The get togethers are casual and fun. The Tea Grotto has a large selection of teas, snacks, and wraps to chose from.

Come join us and meet other healers that are working and healing in the area.

We meet every fourth Monday at 6:30 PM. at the Tea Grotto.