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Energy Tools and Intuition Class

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Take the Energy Tools and Intuition Class for $80.  OR $60 for each person when two people come together.

This amazing weekend workshop teaches you the basics of how to live more centered and grounded, to use tools that release other people’s energy out of your energy system, and learn how to use ‘tools’ that ‘actively’ bring into your life what you desire.

• Learn meditations that allow you to reawaken your intuitive abilities through the use of grounding, clearing and healing yourself.

• Gain knowledge of your chakras and how they influence your life.

• Discover the aura’ energy’ boundary. ‘See’ and ‘read’ color in this space.

• Claim the space around you to allow you to own your own space.

• Learn how to heal yourself and remove fear and doubt from your life.

• Awaken your clairvoyant abilities and begin to shift into higher vibrations.

• Meet two of your Spirit Guides and find out why they are working with you.

Taught by Vickie Parker  of the Windswept Center    Also taught in teleclass format.   or call    801 560-3761

July 2nd and July 16th, 2011   10 to 5 PM

For more info and to register go to

Psychic Readings with Vickie Parker

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Friday readings and/or healings with Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center.   11 – 6 PM.  In person and remote readings available.  Relationships, Jobs, Spirit Guides, People who have Passed Messages, Past Life, Akashic Record and Karma Readings. Or get a reading on a topic of your choice.   30 to 60 minute reading sessions.  $1 a minute.  Appointments required    801 560-3761

Psychic Reading June 28th 2011

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Today it is time to look under the covers of your self. What has been hidden from you that you’ve looked for all of your life. Was it the fleeting image of a 3 year old dancing. Or a glimpse of of your face in the mirror as an elementary school friend laughed with you. Explore your internal library of all the facets of who you are. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading June 27th

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 Stop what you are doing and really look at your world. What are you living that is not your belief or reality but you accept it as a way to live. Who is the person under that information? Dig in and go deep and find the original essence of who you are. ^ Vickie Parker

Vickie Parker on Blog Talk Radio Every Sunday Evening

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Join us on Blog Talk Radio for amazing on air readings on many psychic, spiritual and other topics with Vickie Parker of Reawaken every Sunday 6:30 PM MST.  Check out our last show.

Don’t miss out on listening to our large archive list. 

Psychic Reading with Vickie ParkerJune 20th, 2011

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Psychic Reading June 20th- Our lives our like our closets and garages there is so much ‘stuff’ piled in them that we can’t see ourselves anymore. We identify with ‘all’ the stuff we own but some of this stuff doesn’t fit us anymore either physically or emotionally. Reach inside and pull out what no longer applies to who you are. ^ Vickie Parker

Contact Vickie Parker for a Psychic Reading.

The Human Aura

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So in your mind’s eye what is an aura to you?

Everybody and everything has one.

Look inside and allow yourself to start to become aware of that bubble around you.

This bubble this aura is the energy field that surrounds the body.   It surrounds you in all directions.

 It is three dimensional.   Everyone has already seen or experienced the auric fields of others.

 Whether you are aware of it or not.

 Do you feel uncomfortable or ill at ease when someone gets to close to you?

This is because they have stepped inside of your auric boundary.

Each person‘s aura has it’s own unique frequency.  No two are entirely alike.

Every time you come in contact with another person, an energy exchange can occur.

The more people you interact with the greater the energy exchange.

Your own aura will leave its imprint upon that which you interact with.

Another person, a part of the environment or even an object.

Releasing and Healing Karma

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Karma is basically starting a cycle of action that needs to be fulfilled.  When you are aware you have things to do, or want something you create a cycle of action.

Once you start something, even if it was 5 lifetimes ago or when you were a little child, you start the ball rolling and forget about it.

Some of you created something 4 lifetimes ago, and haven’t completed it.  You forgot about it, and now you’re in a new body.  But the karma keeps working.

We don’t realize the power we have.  When we don’t realize our power we create many things because we don’t think it is real.

This is what we, quote “Pay For” this lifetime.  For many lifetimes.

If we don’t learn the 1st time we get another chance.  We reincarnate.

If we don’t learn the second time, we get another chance to learn.

We keep coming back until we understand and release it. 

Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker Recognizing the Energy of People You’ve Known from Past Lives

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Get a Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on a person this lifetime that you’re positive that you’ve seen, worked with, or interacted with in a previous lifetime.  What period of time did you know one another.  Get a confirmation on who this person was and what type of relationship did you have with them.



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Get a reading from Psychic Vickie Parker, Founder of the Windswept Center, on if you are on your life path.  There are different ways to find out if you’re on your life path.  Some people use numerology based on the month, day and year you are born.  Others look at yourpalms and see what the ‘lines’ say about you.  Another way is to actually look at you as a spirit and take a look at your blueprint.  The ‘map’ you created for yourself before you took this lifetime.