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Your Unique Intuitive Ability

Posted in Articles with tags , , , , , , , on August 31, 2010 by Vickie Parker

We all enter the world with an innate ability to sense information that seems to come from outside, or beyond, ourselves.

This ability has been with you since the day you were born.

This ability manifests itself in many forms.  And it provides insight and information as general as a gut feeling and as specific as the details of a future event.

Remember a time when you had an accurate intuition about something.

Did you just “know”?

Did you receive a flash of insight?

Did you have a physical sense in your body?

What did the experience feel like?

Did you interpret it as a positive or negative impression?

Whatever you notice is your own unique way of using your intuitive ability.

Akashic Record Keeper

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Our Akashic Record Keeper has been with us during all of the lifetimes we’ve had.

Whether you are aware of it or not they come and update your record periodically so that your record is complete and current.  They take this information to the Akashic Records so that your records are up to date.

You can visit these records in your astral body.

Akashic Records in the Cathedral of Souls

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The Akashic Records reside in an area in the Cathedral of Souls which is out on the astral plane.  When we visit this Cathedral we make our way through this huge building to the records area.  Outside of the entrance of the area are Guardians.  We go up to one of them and ask them to show us where our records are and they take us to them.  Our information is located all in one part of the records area and it represents every lifetime and everything we’ve learned since we as a soul began to take a body to learn and grow.

For me the records show themselves stored in tall white columns.  Quite similar to the columns on porches or entry ways of very old houses.  The more columns you have the older you are.  The more lifetimes you’ve had.

Pre-Planning Your Life Before Life

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We all create our current life blueprint before we take a body.

As a spirit when we are ready to live another human lifetime we decide what we want to learn, and experience and we chart it out.  We plot and plan what we want to do and learn to move us forward as a spirit.

Some of us use counselors to help us create our blueprint.  Some of us seek out other souls who have had experiences we are seeking to have to hear how it was for them.

Our blueprints detail out everything we want to experience and accomplish in our human lifetime.

Soul Connections

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Past lives often reveal that people tend to be reborn in families, in reoccurring friendships and life changing experiences with the same souls over and over again.  Siblings, parents and children are usually groups we have interacted with in many different scenarios.

When people choose to be reborn into a family together they have specific experiences to explore together. These children want the genetic makeup of the ‘parents’ so they have the physical attributes they desire in this life. The children of the group also are interacting and learning from each other. They decided before they were born what they would learn in this group. Some children remember their past lives, especially the most recent one. Sometimes they will mention a ‘mother’ of ‘father’ from a previous life.  They may also be attracted to other people who played a ‘role’ in another lifetime.  As a spirit in a body we come back many lifetimes to learn and grow as much as we can from our experiences.

Energy Cords

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Cords are energetic connections between people, beings or parts of our selves.  Cords are formed when we contract with another person to meet our needs.  This contract may seem beneficial on surface , until we realize that these contracts are usually formed out of fear and self destructive beliefs.

Cords can be carried forth across time. They may be formed soul to soul, mind to mind, or body to body during our existence (past life or this life).

Karmic Arena

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This is a place on the astral where we’ll often go at night to heal an issue with someone.

Anytime you’re in a meditation space and you get an awareness that you’re having a hard time with someone you can go to the karmic arena and meet this person.

When you go out on the astral you visualize being there.

Think about a relationship with someone, or maybe a few people that you’ve had a hard time karmically.

It’s been hard to resolve the pattern of judgement or punishment against yourself or them.

You call them in and work through the karma.