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The Human Aura

Posted in Articles with tags , , , , , on June 18, 2011 by Vickie Parker

So in your mind’s eye what is an aura to you?

Everybody and everything has one.

Look inside and allow yourself to start to become aware of that bubble around you.

This bubble this aura is the energy field that surrounds the body.   It surrounds you in all directions.

 It is three dimensional.   Everyone has already seen or experienced the auric fields of others.

 Whether you are aware of it or not.

 Do you feel uncomfortable or ill at ease when someone gets to close to you?

This is because they have stepped inside of your auric boundary.

Each person‘s aura has it’s own unique frequency.  No two are entirely alike.

Every time you come in contact with another person, an energy exchange can occur.

The more people you interact with the greater the energy exchange.

Your own aura will leave its imprint upon that which you interact with.

Another person, a part of the environment or even an object.

Releasing and Healing Karma

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Karma is basically starting a cycle of action that needs to be fulfilled.  When you are aware you have things to do, or want something you create a cycle of action.

Once you start something, even if it was 5 lifetimes ago or when you were a little child, you start the ball rolling and forget about it.

Some of you created something 4 lifetimes ago, and haven’t completed it.  You forgot about it, and now you’re in a new body.  But the karma keeps working.

We don’t realize the power we have.  When we don’t realize our power we create many things because we don’t think it is real.

This is what we, quote “Pay For” this lifetime.  For many lifetimes.

If we don’t learn the 1st time we get another chance.  We reincarnate.

If we don’t learn the second time, we get another chance to learn.

We keep coming back until we understand and release it. 

Article by Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

Posted in Articles with tags , , , , , on May 11, 2011 by Vickie Parker

From my years of experience reading and healing people I discovered that the way we respond to the world is based on not only our physical experience but also the energy component of it also.  This energy component has an emotional aspect that makes us react to:

 1st chakra survival – Our first interactions with the world.  Our mom and dad.  How they react impacts how we view our survival.

 2nd Chakra relationships – How people treat us in each relationships is how we will view who we are. 

 3rd Chakra control and resistance – Do we have control of our world or do others control it. 

 4th Chakra love and self love – What information do we receive from those around us regarding love.  And is our self worth loving.

 5th Chakra communication and expression – Were you allowed to express your opinions.  Did your parents and people listen to what you had to say?  Or did they ignore you?

 6th Chakra your divine intelligence and knowingness.  How was your ability to ‘see’ and share what you saw in the world received? 

 7th Chakra our connection to a higher self.  Did you grow up in a religion that was opinion to a larger viewpoint or were beliefs set by those around you?


The 8th – 12th Chakras Awareness

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Normally the 1st – 7th chakra is a topic of discussion but the upper Chakras are becoming more and more involved today.  The upper chakra allow us to work on our ‘spiritual’ aspect of who we are.   Here is a brief description of the 8th – 12th.

Chakra 12 – Connection to the Monadic level of divinity, advanced spiritual skills, ascension, connection to the cosmos and beyond

Chakra 11 – Pathwork to the Soul, the individual’s ability to acquire advanced spiritual skills (travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, instantaneous precipitation of thoughts, telekinesis in some cases)

Chakra 10 – divine creativity, synchronicity of life; the merging of the masculine and feminine within, unlocking of skills contained in the ninth chakra

Chakra 9 – soul blueprint (the individual’s total skills and abilities learned in all the life times)

Chakra 8 – energy center of divine love, of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness, your karmic residue, activates spiritual skills contained in the seventh chakra.

Being Inhabiting the Human Body by Vickie Parker

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Vickie Parker.    Beings inhabit human bodies more than people know.  They do this for many different reasons.  One of the first is to protect a child from some type of ongoing punishment or physical, mental and/or emotional abuse from a parent.  I’m one of these children, and I didn’t know I had a being in me until I was in my 30’s.

 B.    Will you tell us more about this?

 Vickie Parker.   Sure.  In an abusive situation children can’t handle what is going on.  The situation is more than a young child can take and they ‘leave’.  Vacate.  While they are gone the abuse happens and they are not aware of what happened even after they return back to the body.     A being coming in to protect is actually pretty common and I came across one a couple of weeks ago in one of my students.  She is totally unaware that she has one, and it is a powerful one that needs to leave.  He has fulfilled his ‘duty’ and should not be inside her anymore.

 This being first came into her body to protect her from a step father.  She actually surrendered most of her identity in times of crisis as a child to this being.  The being would stand between the child (Her) and the adult so that the child consciously would not experience the abuse.  You could say that there was no body home other than the being when the child’s body experienced the abuse.


Our Amazing Past Lives

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Past Lives are always an exciting topic because our current life is being influenced by a past life or past lives. Once you become aware of past lives that you’ve had it opens the door to find out more about who you are as a spirit who has been here many times in different bodies.

Some of us weren’t able to complete what we wanted to do last life time.  Or even other previous lifetimes so we bring it with us this lifetime to complete it or to work through it.

As we reawaken to the people we were previously we say.  “I get it.  Now I know why I have an aversion to this food.”

“Or now I know why my neck hurts.  I was beheaded in 3 different lifetimes.”

“I understand why I hate a co-worker.  They killed me in a fight over money in England in 1684.”

Everybody here has had hundreds of lifetimes.  Maybe thousands of lifetimes.  What an amazing discovery of who and what we have been.

Your Intuitive Self

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Everyone of us is born with the ability to ‘ know’  more about the world then what we see we our physical eyes.  Most of us use this ability without even realizing we are using this wonderful gift.  Some of us have hunches about choices of should I take that job or do I really want to move out of state. A ‘knowingness’.   Do I want to reallywant to meet up with that person I met at my friend’s party the other day?  A ‘feeling’.  There is something about moving into that new office that is raising flags that I don’t like.  And I’m ‘seeing’ problems coming up.

One of the easiest ways to tap into your intuitive gifts is to become aware of how you respond to what is going on around you.  You tune in to the person who sits on the otherside of your cubicle.  You sit and watch and feel people in a mall.  Or you close your eyes and  see if you can find the furniture in the room with out looking.

Akashic Records – Constantly Updated

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One of the most interesting thing about the Akashic Records is that our records are constantly being updated.  The thoughts and dreams and interactions with other people are posted to our records every minute.  This allows us to not only go way back into the past to see who we were and why, but to tune into this lifetime also.

The Akashic Records constantly provide individuals with a wealth of data, influences, patterns, talents and unresolved issues that they must deal with for their growth and development.   Our search for soul growth and individuality continually leads to times in our lives that may be thought of as a crossroads.  These situations in which we face choices, conditions, experiences, lessons, even people that can enable us to accomplish whatever is next on the soul’s learning agenda.  Depending upon the choices we make, we are led to another crossroads and another set of possible experiences.


Finding the Center of Your Head Meditation

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Sit in a straight back chair.  Feet flat on the floor.  Eyes closed.  Use both index fingers and touch your temples.  Note where your fingers touch.  Now move your hands 90 degrees to the right and touch the back of your head and forehead with your index fingers.   Note where your fingers touch.  These four points create where the center of your head is located.  Which is slightly above your eyes, where the 6th chakra is.  This area of your forehead is commonly referred to as the third eye.

Sit in this space for a few minutes, or longer if you choose.  If thoughts and pictures come let them go.  Just notice what you notice.  Relax.  Breathe.

When done create a gold sun 18 inches above your head.  Make it brighter.  Bring this gold sun down into your 7th chakra, which is located on the top of your head.  (This chakra looks like a small plate or saucer sitting on the top of your head.)  Bring the gold sun in and let it go down into your head and down into your body.  Enjoy the gold sun.  Let it fill you.  Relax.  Breathe.





The Faces of Your Past Lives

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So what were some of the faces you had in previous lifetimes?

Were they male?  Or female?  Did you have blonde hair?  Or were you brunette?  Or Bald?

Were the faces you had square, or oval or round?

What color were you in each lifetime?  What country were you from?

Picture a mirror in front of you.  Notice what you look like this lifetime?

As you observe yourself what do you notice?  And as you gaze into the mirror does your face begin to change in front of your eyes.

Allow yourself to see all of your selves and marvel at who you have been.

Validate who you are and all the lives you’ve had.