Advanced Workshops

All Advanced Workshops require that you have taken the

Energy Tools and Intuition Class

Energy Tools Class Information

Your Past Lives

Do you sometimes have unusual reactions to sights or sounds?
Do certain movies or situations provoke a strong emotional response?
Find out what some of your past lives were, and how they influence your current life.
Look at male and female past lives for you and others.
Come find out who you have been in the past.


All living creatures are responsible for their karma – their actions and the effects of their actions.
Take a look at current and past lives to understand and heal yourself this lifetime.


Have you ever wondered who owned that 100 year old vase before you did?
Or what that icky feeling is when you touch a particular object.
Learn about the energy of objects, and how we imprint them with our energy.


How to love yourself as well as your partner
Handling money issues
Staying connected with your loved ones
Communications styles
Differences between men and woman
and much more

Working with Your Spirit Guides

Meet your spirit guides and find out what they look like. Male, Female or ?
The general characteristic that separates a Spirit Guide from other types of spiritual beings
is that they have lived a physical life and now aide you in working through the same lessons they have been through.
Ask them questions and hear what they have to say .



Cost: $50.00 for each workshop
Payment in full for each class is due on the first day of the class.

Taught by: Vickie Parker
Please email your reservation for these workshops to:

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