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Psychic Reading June 2nd 2012 with Vickie Parker

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Today calls for stepping back and away from the normal routine of your day.  What are you missing or can’t see anymore. Does the space you live in need a facelift? Do you need to get rid of half of what you own? Allow yourself to really see everything around you. Then make your space how you really want it.  Own it instead of it owning you.  ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading March 23rd 2012 with Vickie Parker

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Sit down, put your feet up.  Take a deep breath and let your mind wander.  When was the last time you were present for the pictures and images in your mind?  Able to see some of the memories, feel the emotions and sensations and relive them again. Time to tap into who you really are.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading October 27th 2011 with Vickie Parker

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In the unconsciousness of our mind is another world that we live in. From this amazing space thoughts and ideas bubble up giving us insights, new ways and possibilities of how to live who we are. Listen to the songs, poems, and the figure outs that arise in you. Be open to knowledge you have and answer your own questions. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading September 12th 2011

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Today whispers the words of new beginnings.  Making it so we have to listen closely to what is calling out to us. Tap into your courage to step past old filters that blind us.  Routines that trap us.  So you can see your next step, new path or that life changing A Ha moment.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading September 4th 2011

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An amazing door opens to new beginnings that you’ve never believed would arrive.  Whatever you want to start today, add to your life or even go off in a different direction has the clear sailing flag.  Don’t hold back step across the threshold!!!!!!!  ^  Vickie Parker

Interview with Vickie Parker – The Journey Begins

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Vickie Parker:   A very special student of mine at the Windswept Center is here to interview me.  She has asked me several times to sit down and tell her about my journey of discovering, exploring and reawaking my psychic ability that allowed me to totally change my life.

Student:   So let’s start from the beginning.  When did you first realize or know that you had psychic abilities?

Vickie Parker:    When I was in high school I started becoming aware that I was quite sensitive to other people.  By sensitive I mean I would start feeling weird like my stomach started aching or I would have a sudden emotion that I never had before.  It made me think there was something wrong with me.  I also started seeing what I thought was ghosts but now know that it was my spirit guides.

Student:   You said something about life getting in your way and you didn’t pay much attention to what was going on around you?

Vickie Parker:  Same as for ever body else I went to college and got a job and got married.  I was totally immersed in the day to day life thing.  And it was a very busy life.   I would work at least 50 hours a week.

Student:  What happened?  What caused you to decide you wanted to start this journey and reawaken your abilities and change your life?

Vickie Parker:   About 14 years ago I came to a part of my life where I felt lost and empty.  I knew I had to change.

Student:    You once said to me that you were drawn to the internet because you had a feeling you would find exactly what your spirit was seeking.

Vickie Parker:  Yes!  I knew it would show me the beginning steps, and it did.  As soon as I saw a particular website and what it offered I was on the phone signing up for the next beginning class they offered.  I flew in to take that class 3 weeks later.

Student:    Wow!

Vickie Parker:   I completed several programs and kept taking more.  The journey was amazing.  I learned so much about who I was and how to be aware, awake and loving life.  I decided I had to give this gift to others.  So I started the Windswept Center as well as a Metaphysics meet up group.

Student:  After you completed your studies how did that change your spiritual outlook?  You always had these abilities so what was the after effects or benefits of reawakening your abilities?

Vickie Parker:   When I was young I was reading and seeing all the time but I was not able to distinguish my own energy from other people’s energy and thoughts, and emotions.  Learning how tell the difference between my energy and other people’s was a huge awakening.  I have a boundary.  Everybody has a boundary.  It is called an aura.  The energy field that surrounds each and every one of us.

Student:     I see.  Interesting.

Vickie Parker:  I found out that part of the reason I am here.  On this planet is to help other people reawaken their psychic abilities so they too can change their life.  After our reawakening we become aware that we are a spirit having a physical experience.  And as a spirit we want to learn and grow.  That we chose this body at this particular time to have certain experiences.  Once we realize this it puts the human experience into proper perspective.  Wow!  Look at what I came to experience.

Your Intuitive Self

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Everyone of us is born with the ability to ‘ know’  more about the world then what we see we our physical eyes.  Most of us use this ability without even realizing we are using this wonderful gift.  Some of us have hunches about choices of should I take that job or do I really want to move out of state. A ‘knowingness’.   Do I want to reallywant to meet up with that person I met at my friend’s party the other day?  A ‘feeling’.  There is something about moving into that new office that is raising flags that I don’t like.  And I’m ‘seeing’ problems coming up.

One of the easiest ways to tap into your intuitive gifts is to become aware of how you respond to what is going on around you.  You tune in to the person who sits on the otherside of your cubicle.  You sit and watch and feel people in a mall.  Or you close your eyes and  see if you can find the furniture in the room with out looking.

Get a Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on What Psychic Abilities You Have

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JOIN US ON BLOG TALK RADIO!!!!!!   Sunday Evenings 6:30PM MST.

Find out what Psychic Abilities you have.  Are you clairvoyant. The ability to perceive things that cannot be seen with the physical eye. Clairaudience.  The ability to hear sounds that aren’t accessible to the physical ear.  Clairsentience. The ability to perceive information out of the range of ordinary perception. Clairscentient means being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels. Precognition. Knowledge or awareness of the future.  Do you trust your your gut instinct. Taste of smell.  A taste in the mouth during an uncomfortable situation.

Check us out at

Yearlong Clairvoyant Program

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Clairvoyant Class 1

Prerequisite: Energy Tools and Intuition

Reawaken your intuitive reading and healing skills and begin your journey to reacquaint yourself as a Spiritual being having a Human experience.

In this class you will:

* Receive Validation of your Clairvoyance

* Gain Conscious Awareness of your Wisdom as a Spirit

* Develop Certainty to Communicate what you see

* Read Past Lives and Auras

* Astral Travel

* How to Update your Akashic Records

* Meet and work with your Energy healing and Psychic Surgeon Masters

* Participate in a Community of like Minded Souls

This class is the first class of a yearlong program that awakens and transforms you!!!!

For a complete list of all the classes in the yearlong program.

For more info or to register please go to or call 801 560-3761.

What Psychic Abilities Do You Have?

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Your psychic ability has been with you since the day you were born.

We all enter the world with an innate ability to sense information that seems to come from outside, or beyond, ourselves.

This ability manifests itself in many forms.  It provides insight and information as general as a gut feeling and as specific as the details of a future event.

First think about how you use your 5 senses to receive your images.

Do you usually find yourself thinking in images?

If so your psychic ability works through the same channel.

Do you have a keen sense of hearing?

What about touch?  Taste?

The same principal applies to these also.

And you can have a combination of all the psychic senses.  Which is usually the case, but one is usually dominant.     What did you notice for ourselves.