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Psychic Reading February 27th 2015 with Vickie Parker

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Even when we feel like the world has walked by us all we have to do is move our feet. You may only be up for a shuffle. Or a circle. Even a box step. Maybe a polka. Because. Each step you take gets you closer to your purpose and reason. Each step takes you out and away from being stuck. Each step takes you into new places you’ve never seen before. So choose what shoes you want to wear and move them. I choose the shiny black pair. They are so…….. Do IT!! ^ Vickie Parker
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Get a Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on What Psychic Abilities You Have

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Find out what Psychic Abilities you have.  Are you clairvoyant. The ability to perceive things that cannot be seen with the physical eye. Clairaudience.  The ability to hear sounds that aren’t accessible to the physical ear.  Clairsentience. The ability to perceive information out of the range of ordinary perception. Clairscentient means being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels. Precognition. Knowledge or awareness of the future.  Do you trust your your gut instinct. Taste of smell.  A taste in the mouth during an uncomfortable situation.

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When first getting started on awakening your own psychic abilities there are things to be aware of.  First thing you need to remember is that everybody is ‘INUITIVE’.  ‘PSYCHIC’.  Second thing is you are in kindergarten so there’s no competition with other people.

One of the easiest ways to start working with your ability is to ask a friend to sit in front of you.  Then close your eyes and go inside. Relax your body.   Allow yourself to ‘look’ out of your third eye.

Have an outline of the person show in front of you and ask a color to appear representing who they are as a spirit.

The first color you see is the correct color.  Don’t second guess yourself because if you do you are invalidating yourself.  Go with the first color you see.

Then notice what is the color above their 7th chakra?

What is the color next to their left ear?

What is the color above their left thumb?

What is the color in front of their lips?

What is the color on the back of their right shoulder?

Open your eyes and validate your ability to ‘see’.

Vickie Parker, founder of the Windswept Center and Host of ReAwaken Radio Show, teaches psychic development classes and teleclasses.  For more info about Vickie and her classes go to.


Beginning Learn How to Do Psychic Readings

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We all enter the world with an innate ability to sense information that seems to come from outside, or beyond, ourselves.

This ability has been with you since the day you were born.

This ability manifests itself in many forms.

Remember a time when you had an accurate intuition about something.  Did you just “know”?

Did you receive a flash of insight?  Did you have a physical sense in your body?

What did the experience feel like?  Did you interpret it as a positive or negative impression?

Just as people have certain personality traits in their personal and social lives, they have traits in their psychic lives.

You might carry on a relationship with your intuition that seems to come from outside of you.

Or you might feel that your psychic information comes through highly internal processes.

How you react to the information you receive reflects your psychic profile.