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Get a Mini Reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on What Psychic Abilities You Have

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Find out what Psychic Abilities you have.  Are you clairvoyant. The ability to perceive things that cannot be seen with the physical eye. Clairaudience.  The ability to hear sounds that aren’t accessible to the physical ear.  Clairsentience. The ability to perceive information out of the range of ordinary perception. Clairscentient means being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels. Precognition. Knowledge or awareness of the future.  Do you trust your your gut instinct. Taste of smell.  A taste in the mouth during an uncomfortable situation.

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Get a Mini Reading/Healing on What Chakra Influences how you Live and Why?

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Get a Mini Reading/Healing on What Chakra Influences how you Live and Why?

All of us experience our lives in certain ways.  One of the major influences of how we live our lives is through the information located in our chakras.  Some of us live in survival mode which relates to the 1st chakra.  Relationships are all about our second chakra.  Some communicate all the time and the 5th chakra is always ‘on’ and sharing, or exchanging ideas with ourselves and other people.  Which chakra influences your life the most and why.  Receive a healing on the chakra that has the biggest impact on how you live your life.

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Get a Mini Reading Why Your Spirit Body Leaves Your Physical Body/Why

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Get a mini reading from Psychic Vickie Parker on the topic of TransMediumship.  Which quite simply means we area spirit and we have a body.  The spirit leaves the physical body and rides inside the astral body to learn and grow out on the astral plane.  What is it that you want to learn and who do you meet and or work with?  Find out where you go at night while you are sleeping and what you are learning and who you are working with.  Check out our website at

Q & A Blueprints with Vickie Parker

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Heath Rodgers from Dayton, OH

I listened to your last radio show “The spirits Around You” and really was interested in the reading that you gave people.  I never knew that there was so many spirits and beings around us.   In fact it scares me a bit.  Hard to imagine beings watching you and taking notes on what you are doing in your life.

V.  What’s interesting Heath is I was excited to find out that I had observers watching me and taking notes to see if I actually did what I wanted to accomplish.  In other words I expected this outcome from the experience I went through.  Did it happen?  If now why?  If yes, yippee!  It’s great to find out what you put in your blueprint to accomplish this lifetime, and get validation that you are doing some of the thing you wanted to learn and/ or experience.


Tell me more about what a blueprint is.

V.  In the spirit world, before you take a new body, incarnate, you create a blueprint of what you want to do in this lifetime.  Who your father and mother will be.  What you’ll  look like based on the DNA of the parents you chose.  Who your siblings are.  Or maybe you didn’t want siblings.  And you choose a cast of characters to interact with throughout this lifetime.

You also choose what you want to learn or experience this lifetime.  Maybe you want to know what deep everlasting love is about.  Maybe you have karma that you want to work through this life to end the cycle once and for all.  Maybe you come back female most of the time.  So let’s try a male body this lifetime.  You also write in the finer points such as being an artist, or writer or musician.  Or whatever it is for you.


So what do you see around me?

I see your Grandmother, on your Dad’s side, standing next to your left shoulder and she has protective energy towards you.  I’m getting something about you being tiny and frail for the first year and ½ of your life.  I’m seeing a male spirit guide dressed in dark leggings and a vest.  They have long dark hair halfway down their back.  They are showing me that you wanted to have someone from between 1900 and 1100 AD to work with this lifetime.  I’m getting words that they are saying that you like what that period was about, and that your family found out from records that you originated from southern and central Scandinavia.


Wow!  You’re right on with these beings.

V.   Thanks for letting me know.

Questions and Answers to Psychic Topics

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Barbara Gittins from Wendover, NV

I’ve been listening to your show since it started and I’m really impressed with how the show has evolved into a very informative place to learn about psychic and intuitive things.  I also like the style that you have that allows all of the listening audience to participate in the meditation exercises and be part of the show by getting readings.

Vickie Parker.   Thanks Barbara!  It’s been quite a journey and I’m looking forward to what is next for the show.  People have been telling me that they want more live readings so this show is the first to start mixing the format between informative and interactive.

Sylvia Mack Longmont, CO

I went out on your website and went through it.  You offer a lot of great classes and workshops. You even do a couple of the classes as teleclasses.  Can you tell me when you will be offering your next beginning class Energy and Intuition Class as a teleclass?

Vickie Parker.  The next Teleclass for the Energy Tools and Intuition class will start on November 9th at 6:30 PM MST and goes every Monday for one month.

Rowdy Rawlins Detroit, MI

I’ve always been fascinated with Past Lives and have dreams where I think that I’m actually reliving them.  When I get up in the morning I try to write down as much as I can so I can put them in my dream journal.  Are these really past life dreams or am I out on the astral?

Vickie Parker.  When I look psychically at what you wrote it shows me that you are experiencing both.  The reason I say both is because the dream past lives are more like a movie where you’re ‘seeing’ a film of the life.

When you are actually out on the astral working with the past lives I can actually see you interact with others who are acting out parts in the past lives.  The movement is 3D instead of a flat images.

I think if you sit down and look at the past lives you’ve been reliving you will see the difference.  The ‘movie’ aspect is more like watching then interacting.

Kathy Bakerson from St Louis, MO

My son went out on your website and found out that you actually do remote readings.  I’m not sure what that means and would like to find out more about them because I’m thinking about scheduling one.

Vickie Parker.   When you read people, whether it in person or remote, you are looking at their energy body which contains all the information you need to know about the person.  This relates to past, present and future all at the same time.

If you are interested in a past life reading I actually allow images representing past lives show up and I choose the one that is the brightest or biggest because it is currently influencing this life time.  I open the life and read the images I see.  Are you male or female?  What you’re wearing.  What you’re doing.  Who you are interacting with.  What period of time is it?   And anything and everything I can tell you about this life.  At the end I tell you how this life time is currently influencing this one.

If you want a current time reading then I look at you as a universal symbol of a rose and read what the rose is showing me.  Every rose for each person is different.  The rose that shows up for every person I’ve read has never resembled any other rose for any of my clients.

I’ve seen short squat roses, big tall wide roses, roses that blew themselves up and all there is is the rose hips that hang down at the bottom of the rose.  I’ve seen roses that look like vases.  I’ve seen metallic roses  that don’t even resemble a rose at all.  I’ve seen blotches of color with no shape to it.

I also do Karma, and Aura readings.  I also do a reading/healing combination also.

If you would like more info on the readings I offer please call me at 801 560-3761 or email me at