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Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

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The Windswept Center is a Teaching and Healing Place. We all want to know why it is we are here and what we are learning as a spirit in a body. We teach people tools that reawaken their intuitive abilities to allow them to find the truth and  answers they seek this lifetime. We also do readings and healings so you can discover who you are and how to heal  yourself.

Vickie Parker reads on numerous topics including Past Lives, Relationships, Current time readings, Akashic Record Readings and any other topics you are interested in. Check out some of the readings we do.



Reading/Healing Session

Professional Readings

Readings on Topic of Your Choice

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Yearlong Clairvoyant Program

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Clairvoyant Class 1

Prerequisite: Energy Tools and Intuition

Reawaken your intuitive reading and healing skills and begin your journey to reacquaint yourself as a Spiritual being having a Human experience.

In this class you will:

* Receive Validation of your Clairvoyance

* Gain Conscious Awareness of your Wisdom as a Spirit

* Develop Certainty to Communicate what you see

* Read Past Lives and Auras

* Astral Travel

* How to Update your Akashic Records

* Meet and work with your Energy healing and Psychic Surgeon Masters

* Participate in a Community of like Minded Souls

This class is the first class of a yearlong program that awakens and transforms you!!!!

For a complete list of all the classes in the yearlong program.

For more info or to register please go to or call 801 560-3761.

Intuition – The ability to Sense or Know

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Imagine your intuitive powers as radio signals coming from station U-ESP.

The power is always there, you just need to know how to tune in.

This tuning in requires that you hit the best position on the dial so you receive the clearest signals.

First think about how you use your 5 senses to receive your images.

Do you get hunches about things coming up in your life?

Do you sense what is going on with other people’s feelings?

Have you ever known about future events before they happened?

Are you aware of how your intuition speaks to you?

Do you usually find yourself thinking in images?

Do you have a keen sense of hearing?

Really tune in and let your senses talk to you.

Energy Tools and Intuition Teleclass

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The Energy Tools and Intuition class teaches tools and meditations that begin to allow you to awaken your intuitive abilities through the use of grounding, clearing and healing yourself.

You will learn the following:

* Being in the Center of Your Head in Present Time.

* Grounding

* Running Earth Energy

* Running Cosmic Energy

* Closing Down the Chakras

* Find the edge of your aura

* Releasing Unwanted Energies

* Finding Your Personal Space

* Mocking Up Something You Really Want

* Creating Protection

* Clearing Yourself to Manifest

* Replenish Your Own Energy

* Meet your Spirit Guides

To find out more about the Windswept Center and to register go to  Or call 801 560-3761.


Teleclasses at the Windswept Center – A Teaching and Healing Place

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Take a class from the comfort of your own home!

Once registered, you will be given a teleconference phone number and access code, allowing you to connect to your teacher and class.

The Energy Tools and Intuition class teaches tools and meditations that begin to allow you to awaken your intuitive abilities through the use of grounding, clearing and healing yourself.

Beginning Clairvoyant Class. Learn mechanics on how to clairvoyantly read and heal a person.

Read from a trance state

What colors mean

Set your 7th chakra color to read

What pictures mean

See and read a person’s past life

Reading the first 7 layers of the Aura

Meet and work with your Energy Healing Master

Class allows you to gain seniority in your reading and healing space.

Classes Taught by Vickie Parker –  Host of Reawaken Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio.

For more info and to register go to


Q & A Finding Out about your Past Lives

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Roberta Randall from Murray, Utah.

I have several friends who were at a party you were reading at a couple of weeks ago and they said that you are right on with your information and really got to the core of what they wanted to know.  How long have you been doing readings.

Vickie Parker.   I’ve been reading for 12 years professionally.  I’ve been reading people all my life but really never knew that was what I was doing until I really decided to see what my “Natural” abilities were.


Interesting.  How did you find out what your abilities were?

Vickie Parker.  One of the things I did was to journal what I noticed about people.  I also wrote down my observations about my own self in regards to what I felt and sensed and knew about who I was.  I even started to get images of some of the people I was before this lifetime, but really didn’t know that was what I was getting until I sat down and let my inner self write about them.  What came out of me was amazing and I started to really resonant with what I was putting down on paper.


I’m glad you shared this with me.  I’ve actually been having dreams about a woman in the Midwest about 1850’s.  I wake up in a sweat sometimes because of all the scary things that happen.  Like Indian attacks and my children being killed.  My husband dying from an ax rebounding off a tree he was cutting down.

Vickie Parker.   Try to write down all of these things you are seeing so you can look at the whole picture to see what you were like and what you got out of that life.    I say this because this is a lifetime that is affecting this one and there are some things you need to be aware of in this life.  Try to start writing today so you don’t  lose some of the information that is being shown to you.


Thanks Vickie.   I will get on it today.  Thanks so much.  I can’t wait to get started on this.  This woman is so incredibly strong,  Her story brings tears to my eyes.