ReAwaken “get back in touch with who you really are”

Vickie Parker, Your Host

Listen to “ReAwaken” with Vickie Parker weekly every Sunday Night at  6:30pm (MST) as she provides LIVE ON_AIR Readings to anyone that calls in. Their will be a different topic each week that you can get a reading on. She will also explore energy reading and healing issues relevant to those interested in learning about metaphysical and spiritual issues :

— You can learn that you have past lives and how they can influence your current life. — You can meet your spirit guides who have been with you since birth, you can see them and find out their names and ask for messages.

— You explore karma and go to the karmic arena and work through karma with another person — You learn about your aura and find out where your boundary is.

— You learn how to ground to earth energy and bring in cosmic energy to learn how to go into a meditative state to heal yourself and others.

Vickie Parker is the Director and Founder of The Windswept Center and has been teaching and healing for over 9 years. She teaches the Beginning Energy Tools, Clairvoyant and Healing classes, as well as one day Workshops. Vickie is an Ordained Minister with the Church of Inner Light. Contact Vickie at (801) 560-3761 or for a reading or information.

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