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The Windswept Center

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Psychic Fair at the Windswept Center

The Windswept Center


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Metaphysics Meetup Group

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Tonight my Metaphysics Meetup Group is meeting at the University of Utah Union Building to learn about their Aura!

We will all investagate this wonderful energy field we have around us in this MeetUp I have aptly called “I Have an Aura!

During tonights session they will find the boundary of their aura, experience how we react when people move into our aura and learn basic tools to protect their energy field from other energies.

If you would like to attend we will be meeting at 6:30pm at the U of U Union Building, Rm 323.

See you there!


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The Windswept Center

The Windswept Center offers a safe environment that allows you to reawaken intuitive abilities and spiritual tools that everyone of us brought into this lifetime.

We all came to discover our truths, and to learn how to develop abilities to heal both the physical and spiritual sides of our beings.

By accessing our spiritual abilities and realizing that we are eternal spirits, residing in human bodies, helps to heal ourselves, and all other living beings.

The start of our life journey begins by embracing as truth that we are spirits and all One, part of the greater good and the source of eternal love.

In our classes and workshops you will learn tools to access your inner wisdom and use them effectively in daily life.

Using the tools allows you to take charge of your experience, learn to redefine, reclaim and renew your life.

Give yourself permission to begin the journey of discovering who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Please Visit us at