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Windswept Readers * Readings

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Windswept Readers * Readings
801 560-3761

• Vickie Parker Psychic Clairvoyant
Relationships, Business, Future Readings,
My readings are in depth and to the point.

Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission.

Long Distance Readings Available.

I do readings and healings in person as well as long distance as I can ‘see, read and heal’ people no matter where they are.

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Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission

Psychic Reading January 30th 2015 with Vickie Parker

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Countdown time. What is it that you’ve been waiting on? The right day. The sun has to be out and you’re in a good mood. You can’t wait on something to happen you have to go for it. The only way you can get what your want is to go after it. Because if you don’t life passes you by. So stand up. Decide the route. Then move forward in certainty. Once you’re in this place nothing dares to get in your way. Or stop you. Now! Make the right foot take a step. Coax the left foot. Lift up put down. Then… Wow and Wow!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading January 17th – Turn around and look behind you. There are many ‘undone’ things waiting on you. They are saying today is the day to get up close and personal with them. Complete them. Recognize them. Dance with them. Touch and hold them. Have an internal conversation of this and that. Some are bits and pieces of ideas and Ah Ha moments. Memories of faces that make you smile, cry and walk away from. Songs that still make you dance. Embrace these experiences. Own all the pieces of who you are. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading January 3rd 2015 with Vickie Parker

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If you haven’t put out to the universe what you want this year than today is the day. A 3 day is about new beginnings in all forms. So drag out the wishes and desires and dreams. Shake off the dust and really look at which one you want to move forward with. If you can’t decide then close your eyes and let your intuition choose. Don’t second guess if you chose right. Because you did!!! Look yonder I see it on the horizon. Whoo! ^ Vickie Parker