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Psychic Reading October 28th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Fear seems to lurk everywhere. In the eyes of strangers. In the body of friends. In the news and plastered on TV. In our dreams. Why do we allow it? Why do we believe it? Why do we even want to put any energy on it? Everything is neutral. Everything is just is until we put a label on it. We need the ‘bad’ so we can have the ‘good’. So we can understand ourselves and the world around us. But it always is. Just Is. And nothing more. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading October 15th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Open the doors and windows and allow the world in. You can no longer live small. Do small. See small. Or walk small. You are being called out to step into what you came to do. Which is to live your purpose. So drag it out. Dust it off. Step into it. Wiggle until it fits. Take two steps. Give the world a big smile. Laugh the laugh of ‘I did it’. Then OWN IT!!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading October 9th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Endings parade in front of you. They demand that you do something more than ignoring them. And they shout at you to get with it. They ask why make your life more miserable than it is. Why live in pain or despair or even anger at what happened years and years ago. Step around the past and into the future. Believe. Believe. Believe. Happiness is waiting on you. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading of the Day August 16th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading August 16th – The writing is on the wall. YOU have to do something about the life you are living. It may be easier to do the status quo but it never allows anything different or new in. Including the relationship you are seeking. So step to a mirror and really look yourself over. THEN PROMISE!! I will never ever be afraid again. Say it one more time. I will never ever be afraid again. You can’t know the outcome before you experience it. Do it now. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading June 28th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Time to strip down your life to what you really want to do. Why carry around ‘stuff’ of the past that keeps triggering ‘pain’ pictures. Drop kick the years of self- abuse for things you did wrong. Clean out the closet of old memories that clutter the floor. This includes actual photographs of bad hair days and boyfriends/girlfriends. Smile. Stand up straight. Walk a new walk. ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading May 30th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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The day opens with a mix of things on your mind. As you sit with them you realize that some are waiting on you to finish them. Others are ideas for stories and books. Even deeper than that are the yearnings to expand yourself. Getting to Egypt and and and….. So. What is your next step? Or your next journey? Even better what are you going to do each month to live the life you desire? Listen to the who of who you are and just do it!! NOW!!!!!!!!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading April 5th with Vickie Parker

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Today calls for stepping back and away from the normal day in and day out over and over again. So take a deep breath. Relax your shoulders and ask this question. How do I just go with the flow and let the natural course of life move me? Answer. Be true to who you are. So as you ponder this notice what comes up. Hum!!!! I need to get out of my own way!!!! ^ Vickie Parker