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Energy Healings – Heal the Spirit ^ Heal the Body

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Each layer of the aura body is connected to one of the chakras, and the chakras themselves are connected to visible organs, and to our very existence.  Of the twelve physically oriented chakras, seven are located in the actual physical body.

Chakras regulate, maintain, and manage the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being on the physical level.  Chakras themselves serve as revolving doors or portals between our body, mind, and soul.

The health of our physical body depends on the energy and information we hold in the aura and chakras.  Much of our ‘issues’ with the childhood and relationship experience is ‘stuck’ in our energy body.

Vickie Parker is a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer and does remote and in person healings.

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Energy ‘Pictures’

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From the day we hit the planet to when we exit we are having experiences that leave energy ‘pictures’ with our body.  Depending on what our experiences are survival may be a main concern of ours.  So we respond to most things around us as if our life depended on how we act at work, or around other people that control our source of keeping the physical body alive.

Whatever the experiences are we retain the information or ‘pictures’ within our energy system.  Finding out what the energy is and then receiving a healing removing the energy allows us to be free of energy that no longer serves us and lets us be free to create the way we choose to it to be.


Heal the Energy Body and the Physical Body Heals

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Our energy system contains all of the information of every experience and emotion that each and every one of us has experienced or felt in our lifetime. This information is stored in the energy body and can be accessed by an energy healer who can read and heal the energy system.

This energy presents itself as ‘pictures’ (images of what happened) or ‘blocks’ (trauma, and other stressful experiences) or physical and mental illnesses that manifest in the human body.  Once you understand how the energy works you can remove the energy out of the person’s ‘space’.  So they live they life they came to live this lifetime.

Your Unique ‘Energy Signature’

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Each and every one of us has a ‘one of a kind’ DNA.  There is no one like us.  This is also true of our ‘energy signature’.  It has its own unique color frequency and resonance.  We are all aware of each other’s signature on a subconscious level, but we don’t realize that we use it to tap into the whereabouts of people.

When we think about people we are tuning into a mental picture of them but we are also tapping into them energetically.  Think of a time you felt someone thinking about you and then all of the sudden you get a call from them.

Just notice for yourself all of the ways you just ‘know’ things about other people.  Once you understand you are picking up information on other people it opens the door to a larger knowingness.