Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center

Vickie Parker: Founder of The Windswept Center, Windswept Inner Healings and the Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts.

Intuitive Psychic Reader, Reverend, Spiritual Counselor, Soul Purpose Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer,
Teacher, Author and Oneness Deeksha Blesser.

Reading, counseling, healing and teaching for over 14 years.

Vickie Parker teaches Psychic Intuitive Awareness classes and programs, and Energy Healing Modalities that allow you to reclaim and live the life you came to live this lifetime. She’s counseled, read and healed intuitively for over 14 years in the state of Utah and Colorado, and has a practice in the state of Utah. She does remote readings and reading/healings for those outside of the Salt Lake area, and have clients across the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Portugual.

Vickie is also the host of the Blog Talk radio show “Reawaken with Vickie Parker”. To hear a live or archived show go to:

Contact Vickie at (801) 560-3761 or  for a personal reading, healing or for more information.

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