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Windswept Readers * Readings

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Windswept Readers * Readings
801 560-3761

• Vickie Parker Psychic Clairvoyant
Relationships, Business, Future Readings,
My readings are in depth and to the point.

Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission.

Long Distance Readings Available.

I do readings and healings in person as well as long distance as I can ‘see, read and heal’ people no matter where they are.

Go here for the complete list of Readings with Vickie Parker

Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission

Use ‘Energy Tools’ to Change Your Life

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We are all seeking ways to control what goes on in our lives.  So we are always looking outside instead of inside.  Once we understand that we control what we bring into our lives and what we experience we become conscious creators of our ‘world’.

One of the easiest way to take charge of your life is by working with your seventh chakra.  This chakra is located about two inches above the top of your head.  It looks like a small saucer laying face up.  This chakra is your connection to god, source, the divine or whatever it is for you.  It is also how you take your self out into the ‘world’.  How people see you.  This chakra also translates what the 6th chakra, third eye-clairvoyant space, sees into words.

Just by using color or words in this chakra can change your life into a marvelous world of happiness and abundance and joy.  So close your eyes and focus on the 7th chakra above your head.  Now put a bright yellow in this chakra and feel how your body feels.

Replace the bright yellow with the words.  ‘I love me.”  Again notice how your body feels.

Experiment with colors and words and you will find the ones that work best for you.