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‘Resistance’ Energy

Posted in Articles with tags , , , , , , on July 21, 2010 by Vickie Parker

One energy that can prevent us from really honoring our path and grow in our truth is Resistance.

Notice that when you get resistant, what is the first thing that happens?

We get really serious.

And then our stuff becomes very, very serious because you will do everything and anything in your power to not go there.  To not look at it.

So you might even create other energies, other things in your life and make them very, very important, just so you are not looking at this one thing you need to actually handle in life.

When you go into resistence that energy can get like anything else stuck in your body.

So it can physically get stuck in your body and get stuck in your Chakras.

And if it is stuck in your body and it gets stuck in your chakras are you living out your path?

Are you living your truth?

Are you living really who you want to be?