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Energy Tools Teleclass Testimonial

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Energy Tools and Intuition Teleclass Testimonal:

Good Morning Vickie,

I just want to let you know that I am so thankful for this high quality class that you offered last night. I have been waiting for this class for a while and finally it has happened. I feel like I found my new goal and I would like to continue taking classes with you as much as possible. My apologies for sending you so many messages but I got so excited from the experience and found myself enthusiastic needed to share this with you.

When I woke up this morning I did the energy running you taught us 2 times already in bed.   I felt my root chakra heat up and woke up very clear.   I must continue taking all of your classes and work with you. I am ready. I just want to let you know how much this all means to me.

Have a beautiful day and many blessings to you.

Anna K   New York


Past Life Program

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You are an immortal soul in a body.   Learn who you are as a spirit and about lifetimes you and others have had.  Learn how to read, heal and release past life energy of others so they can change their lives.  Give information on why and what they came to learn with the past life info they brought in this lifetime.

What this program offers:

1. Learn how to read the past lives of others.

  • How many lifetimes have they had?  Who have they been?  What did they look like?
  • Do they prefer male or female past lives?
  • How do past lives influence the way they dress, the food they prefer, music, furniture, etc.
  1. 2. Learn how to read your own past lives.
  • Find out what past lives you’ve had and how they influence who you are.
    • You meet someone and you’re drawn to them and you don’t know why?  Maybe a friend was a sister in a previous lifetime.
    • Learn more about some of the reasons you have beliefs and hard fast ways of handling particular things in your life.
    • Heal the spirit you are of issues relating to male and female past lives that relate to murders and other forms of death such as drowning that are influencing you this lifetime.
    • Gain seniority in your reading space.
    • And more ………………………………………..

Windswept Center a Teaching and Healing Place

June 19th & 20th.   9 AM to 5 PM Both Days.    Cost $200.

For registration or more info call 801 560-3761

Energy Tools and Intution Teleclass

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SS  from New York City, NY.

One of my friends took the Energy Tools and Intuition beginning teleclass from you in September and is still raving about it.  She has shared with me how it changed how she looked at the world and the relationships she has from a negative viewpoint slant into a more positive viewpoint.  Can you tell me more about this class?

Vickie Parker.    I’m not sure what your friend told you about the energy tools class but she did a great job of explaining to you how it changes the way she now views the world around her.  What she shared is one of the main things that you experience because you are learning a new way of living and seeing your life.  The people you associate with, your job, old patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

By changing your current vibration into a different pattern shifts you out of negative beliefs and relationships both at work and in your personal life.