Q & A with Vickie Parker On the Human Energy Body

Joyce Mann from Chattanooga, TN.

You talk a lot about healing the energy body around us.  Can you give me more details on how you do the healings?

Vickie Parker.  We work on the energy channels that are located in the legs, arms, the chest and the back, and the aura around you.  We also give each chakra a healing too.

When we are removing energy we actually ‘move’ out the energy we ‘see’ clairvoyantly that is not yours, and then we bring the energy into present time so that it is in sync with where you are at now.

Most of the energy we move out comes from as early as childhood, and through adolescence.  This is the period of time we have most of the experiences that get ‘stuck’ in our energy system.  Some of the other energy is relationships such as marriage, family members and children.

It is amazing all the different types of energy we are carrying around in our energy system.  And how much better people feel after they receive a healing.  They say they feel lighter and clearer and happier.  It’s awesome to be able to help people change their lives just by allowing them to reclaim their energy system.

For more info visit my Windswept Inner healing website describes what the healings are and what the results are.  The address is www.windsweptinnerhealings.net.


Do you do remote healings?  I would like to have one.

Vickie Parker.  Yes.  I can ‘see’ energy from anywhere.  Once I have your unique energy signature I can heal you.


Great!  I’ll be calling next week for an appointment.

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