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Psychic Reading November 29th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Sit down. Relax. Breathe. Ask the you of you to stand up. Step out of your body. Walk 5 steps and turn and face you. When was the last time you really, really got up close and personal with you? Listening intently to the words that constantly flow inside of you. The wants and desires. The discoveries and the ‘done with this!’ Even the laughter and singing and the crying. The thought of dancing in the wind like a child. Today is about you. Own it!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading October 8th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Step out of the old memories as they stick you in place. The more you stay in the past the less likely you can live the life you planned. Or even dreamed about. Life is about being present for the ‘whole dang thing’ not just part of it. Take a step forward with your right foot. Breathe. Let your left foot take a step. HA HA!! It’s easier than you think. Ok. Lift leg. Set foot down. Then…. ^ Vickie Parker

If you’re interested in a Pass Life Reading contact me. I do long distance readings. Check out my websites.

Relationship Readings with Vickie Parker

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This is an in depth reading on relationships. I tune into new relationships as well as old ones to see the compatibility. I look at the differences between the couple to determine and understand the problem/s and what they are. We also look at the common love connections you share.

This reading looks at what partners can do to create harmony and love back into their lives. It also looks at each partner individually to recognize the growth and changes in each person, and how it works in the relationship. Does the relationship need to shift and change? How can it can move forward into a loving and lasting companionship?

This reading can be done in person by one or both partners at the same time as I’m able to see and read remotely the energy of the person who is not in attendance.

Psychic Reading May 15th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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There is a shadow following you. It’s about never letting anything go. This comes in the form of physical, mental and emotional. As well as make believe and if I could I would. Should have and would have if I only knew the consequences. I wouldn’t have if I was able to see the future. Since we about took care of them all which one stands out for you. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading March 21st 2014 with Vickie Parker

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The day opens with thoughts of old memories streaming through your mind. You pause and wonder why? Then you get quiet and watch the movie screen in your head. It shows you people, places, and things. Even the dog that was your childhood bud. You laugh. You cry. You shake your head. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the journey of who you are. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading March 17th with Vickie Parker

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Get quiet and sit with yourself. Noticing the awareness within the awareness. The eyes from inside seeing the eyes from outside. That the awareness fully fits inside the body that it rides around in. Fingers touching fingers. Toes touching toes. Be totally conscious of who you are. You are more than a body you are a miracle. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading February 26th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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A course correction is required as you’ve completed this leg of your journey. So drag out your life blueprint. Look it over noting the jigs and jags and the ups and down of the next leg. Then change out your walking shoes for some boots. Walk your journey in whatever attire is appropriate. Live your life fully. Understand who you are. ^ Vickie