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Psychic Reading February 3rd 2014 with Vickie Parker

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This world contains miracles everyday but they are not enough. Look inside of yourself and ask. “What can I do to make a difference that would create change?” Now listen closely to what you have to say. It is our reason and purpose to learn all we can each lifetime. But we also need to see others around us. Without them we wouldn’t learn how to love or cry or find out who we are. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading April 23rd 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Change charges in today with a list of ‘must do’s’. At the top is completing relationships. Take a walk back into time and examine the ones you are holding onto. As you watch the ones that show up stand in front of you thank them for the learning experience. The 9th grade boyfriend teaching you how to drive a stick shift. Your first wild dance steps with a red haired stranger. The teacher who introduced you to oil painting. And…… ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading March 29th 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Today stomps in with a smile on its face. It carries 5 mirrors with it. It presents each one to you. The first one erases 20 years off and makes you smile. The next one shrinks you down to a little bitty image of you. The third one has the color of the rainbow in it. And the other two are twins. Line them up in front of you and decide how you want to walk your face into the world. ^ Vickie Parker

Ps;ychic Reading December 28th 2011 with Vickie Parker

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Time to step out of the old into the new.  Old mindsets and viewpoints no longer apply and need to be updated or discarded.  Go inside and allow yourself to see one that stops you in place.  Say ‘Hello’ and thank it for being in your life and what you learned from it.  Then let it go.  Move forward in ways that make you sing.  ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading December 1st, 2011 with Vickie Parker

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Allow yourself to take a break from the fast past pace you’ve lived this year.  For the essence of you is calling to you to stop and jump back into your life.  What are some of the things you love to do but never had the time.  Laughing at weird jokes with family and friends.  Allowing the dog and cat to monopolize your lap while you sip a cup of coffee.  Reintroduce you to your life.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading June 28th 2011

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Today it is time to look under the covers of your self. What has been hidden from you that you’ve looked for all of your life. Was it the fleeting image of a 3 year old dancing. Or a glimpse of of your face in the mirror as an elementary school friend laughed with you. Explore your internal library of all the facets of who you are. ^ Vickie Parker