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Psychic Reading October 15th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Open the doors and windows and allow the world in. You can no longer live small. Do small. See small. Or walk small. You are being called out to step into what you came to do. Which is to live your purpose. So drag it out. Dust it off. Step into it. Wiggle until it fits. Take two steps. Give the world a big smile. Laugh the laugh of ‘I did it’. Then OWN IT!!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading December 21st 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Pull out the memories of the year and lay them out in front of you. As you look note how you are experiencing them. Each piece of life joins and snaps into place and they become who you are. Take a walk or a jaunt or even a flyby over who, what, where and how you were this year. Then celebrate it in ways that give you meaning and joy. Then share it with a friend so they can celebrate themselves too. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading September 24th 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Time to sit and get reacquainted with yourself. So start the conversation. I see that your desk is piled high with ‘gotta do this and gotta do that’. I also notice that you’re ignoring making some important decisions that are nagging at you. Step off the on button and pull to the side of the road. Then. Take a deep breath. Yes to that. No to that. Hum! Don’t remember this one. Bye!!!^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading June 8th 2013

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Look at stepping away from yourself and trying something new. New can be in form of going out for coffee 10 miles away just to check out the scene. Or catching a plane to San Francisco for the weekend to experience the morning fog. Even jumping into the car and just drive. Step out and away from the normal everyday day in and day out grind. Open yourself to life altering OOOOO’s and awarenesssss and expand who you are. ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading January 8th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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Hey You.  Yes YOU!  You are ignoring your inner self.  There is noise coming from inside that is getting louder and louder.  We all have a purpose that we bring in with us each lifetime.  Sometimes it is simple.  Sometimes complex.  But it is a purpose.  Open up ‘that’ knowingness you push aside or bury.  Allow you to tell you what it is.  Trust what you hear. ^ Vickie Parker