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Psychic Reading December 27th 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Get real about owning your life. Are you just going to sit there and say. “If I only had this break I would be wealthy” “If I lived in that family I would be loved.” Even…… Life is about us not the ‘them’ around us. In order to have a life you have to create it. You have to fully embrace yourself for who you are. What is one ‘Thing’ you’ve waited on and wanted forever? Love? Money? Or. Go claim it!! Own it!! Be it!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading November 12th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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Today calls for direction corrections. We tend to live the same old routine and drive the same old drive.  Live the same old beliefs in the same old place.   Dig deep into where you’ve been and what you believe.  Find out where you want to go.  Where you want to be. Dump the stuff that isn’t you and walk a different walk into the world.  ^ Vickie Parker