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Psychic Reading April 29th 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Take off the blinders, sunglasses and step out of the ‘I’ve had enough’s and be totally open to experiences. Expand your vision so it takes in the smallest as well as the biggest happening going on around you. The smile on a child’s face. A dog trotting down the sidewalk. And. Wow! Whoo HOO!!! Be open to whatever lands on your doorstep today as there are messages coming that will change your life.

Psychic Reading April 13th 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Doors swing open and each one has a different theme. You are being called to get real about what direction to take at this point in your life. Door #1 is about family and immersing yourself fully in the experience. Door #2 is about the wild ever changing ride of pushing the physical limits to connect to and fully understand our Self. Door #3 is the desire of your dreams where life is full and simple but absolutely fulfilling. Which one do you choose? ^ Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading November 30th with Vickie Parker

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The old saying turn a frown in a smile also changes I can’t have this into I got it!  And today is all about owning that smile.  What is it that you’ve put off smiling about that you’ve yearned to bring into your life for years? Always allowing a frown to stand between you and what you desire. Ok everybody smile great big and own it.  ^ Vickie Parker

Past Life Cast of Characters

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When you are doing past life readings there are many things you can look for and many questions you can ask about each of the characters you encounter.  You might begin with who, what, when, where, and why?

WHO are the characters?  If you are noticing some showing up for you are they someone that you recognize from dreams or other images from your unconscious mind?  If the person your are reading tells you they recognize the person you see.  You will want to gain as much information as possible on their relationship to other characters in your readings, if there are others.

WHAT are their physical descriptions and their approximate ages?  What are their personalities?  What do you see them doing?  What do you hear them saying?  What are their emotions?  What do they smell and taste?  What is their role in your reading?  What is their relationship, or are any of them related in a past life?

WHEN do the characters live in the reading?  Can you determine the time period?  If you can’t determine the time period you can sketch their likeness, or verbally communicate what they look like to the person you are reading.  Allow your unconscious mind to work on discovering the time period.

WHERE are your characters located in the reading?  Get the best description you can.  Remember to consider all these questions with your 5 senses.  You may want to ask yourself where the personality of the main character is in the reading, and have them show up.

WHY are the characters important?   How do they relate to this life?  Is it possible that at first you will find a character popping up who seems to be unrelated to what you are reading.  If this happens, just relate the information to your client and let them decide how to use the information.