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Friday Psychic Readings over the Phone

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Friday Psychic Readings

Friday Psychic Readings with Psychic Vickie Parker Windswept Center

In person and Long Distance over the phone!!!! Every Friday!!!!!

Current Time, Past Life, Karma, Relationship, OR ANY TOPIC of your choice. Go here for list of readings

30 Minutes for $30. Call and reserve your space.

Appointments required. Call 801 560-3761 Or email

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Psychic Reading January 4th 2012 with Vickie Parker

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You have ‘things’ that you want to bring into the world but you haven’t taken the final steps.  Choose one of them and decide how it has to present itself so it can be realized in this world.  You will know which one because it yells the loudest.  Pick it up and let it show itself to the world.  Go for it!!  ^ Vickie Parker

Q & A Past Life Readings

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I’ve been listening to you archives and have learned a lot about past lives and how they affect you.  What can you see for a past life for me?

Vickie Parker.   I don’t usually do readings over email so let’s see what wants to show for you.   I see sheep and a woman of about 40 standing next to the flock.  It is cold and rainy and you’re shivering.  You are frowning and shaking your head.  A bit of anger curls your lips.  In the distance a man is approaching and he is carrying something under his right arm.  As he nears I can see it is a lamb.  He holds it out to you.  You squint your eyes and look over the man and then purse your lips.  You shake your head.

He is now standing in front of you and has a bit of laughter in his eyes.  He says.  ‘Hey Gertie.  Don’t be so tough.  Everyone looses a little un’ now and then.’  You reach out for the lamb.  He gives the lamb to you, and you walk off.  The man shakes his head and watches you leave.

What I get from this past life at this stage is that the sheep are all you have left and you protect them with your life.  There is energy of poverty and pride, and that you don’t take handouts.  That you create your own way your way.  And.  The energy says you do this in your current life too.


My God!  This reading moves me to tears.  I’ve never understood why I was this way and this is so incredible to know now.  I’ve been having such a hard time I didn’t know what to do.  This woman.  This person I was and how she survived has explained so much.  I now can move on with my life.   I can’t thank you enough!