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Psychic Reading August 25th 2011 with Vickie Parker

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Step back and get a bird’s eye view of where you are in your life.  From this vantage point what do you notice?  Are you overwhelmed with ‘life’ or struggling to find your ‘path’.  Are all your wants and desires pulling at you?  Ask yourself what is the one thing that calls to your heart and listen.  Really listen and change your life.  ^  Vickie Parker

Psychic Reading August 24th 2011 with Vickie Parker

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If you find yourself out of balance today go inside and take a good look at what you need to pay attention to. Maybe a walk at lunch to engage with a side of your self you haven’t seen for awhile. Or a dinner with a friend that makes you laugh. Treat yourself to an aspect of yourself and join the parts of who you are. ^ Vickie Parker




Psychic Reading August 20th 2011 with Vickie Parker

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Our lives call for balance today in ways that ask us to slow down.  End cycles.  Finish projects.  Choose two things that are nagging at you and complete them today.  Then before moving on to the next project step back and enjoy what you have completed.  ^  Vickie Parker

Energy Tools and Intuition Class

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The Energy Tools and Intuition Class shows you how to remove negative, stale or stuck energy that is no longer serving your highest good, and allows you to properly protect yourself when you are around people with negative energy.

This class also opens up your psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

  • Find the edge of a person’s aura.
  • Learn about your chakras and how to work with them.
  • Meet two of your Spirit Guides and find out why they are here to work with you this lifetime.
  • Learn how to visualize what you want to create in your life and send it out into the Universe so it can manifest before your eyes.

By the end of the class, you will be able to meditate, read the energy of other people, remove unwanted energies in a room and from your own energy field, and become more present and in tune with who you are.

Next class is April 3rd, 2010

Time:  9 am to 4 pm

Cost:  $90

The Windswept Center

835 East 4800 South, Suite 240

Murray, Utah  84107

For more information or to register please call 801 560-3761 or email

Energy Tools and Intution Teleclass

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SS  from New York City, NY.

One of my friends took the Energy Tools and Intuition beginning teleclass from you in September and is still raving about it.  She has shared with me how it changed how she looked at the world and the relationships she has from a negative viewpoint slant into a more positive viewpoint.  Can you tell me more about this class?

Vickie Parker.    I’m not sure what your friend told you about the energy tools class but she did a great job of explaining to you how it changes the way she now views the world around her.  What she shared is one of the main things that you experience because you are learning a new way of living and seeing your life.  The people you associate with, your job, old patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

By changing your current vibration into a different pattern shifts you out of negative beliefs and relationships both at work and in your personal life.