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Windswept Readers * Readings

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Windswept Readers * Readings
801 560-3761

• Vickie Parker Psychic Clairvoyant
Relationships, Business, Future Readings,
My readings are in depth and to the point.

Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission.

Long Distance Readings Available.

I do readings and healings in person as well as long distance as I can ‘see, read and heal’ people no matter where they are.

Go here for the complete list of Readings with Vickie Parker

Call to set an appointment at 801 560-3761.
Or email us at: vparker@xmission

Mocking Up and Bringing In What You Want

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So what is a mockup to you?  

Creating a full picture of what you want to bring into your life.

All the details.  Colors.

Surroundings.  Sounds.

Movement.  Smells.

People.  Places.

Anything and everything to make what you want 3D. 

Explore these questions to gain insights into your manifesting power:

 Reflect over your adult life and notice all of your manifestations. The relationships, jobs, health, finances and so on.

Do you see any patterns in terms of how you created or attracted these into your life?

 For all of the wonderful things you’ve had in your life, what were the key elements to creating this for yourself ?  

For anything not so wonderful in your life, what were the key elements operating for you at these times?

What did you notice about ‘how ‘ you brought in what you wanted?  Write what you noticed  down and practice the key elements every day.



Vickie Parker of the Windswept Center teaches classes on how to transform your life so you live the life you came to live this lifetime.  She teaches classes across the US and Canada and has clients across the world.  Check out her website at