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Birth of a Radio Show “ReAwaken”

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ReAwaken with Vickie Parker, a new Internet radio show, got into high gear today as Vickie layed down the first tracks of her new show at One Mind studio here in Salt Lake City. Vickie Parker is a clairvoyant and spiritual teacher who runs the Windswept Center, a spiritual training center in Salt Lake City.

The first show will explore how Vickie got started in this whole “psychic” thing and how she is out to change peoples lives by reawakening the latent psychic abilities which we all poscess.

Vickie got things started by giving a interview about herself, her abilities and what you can expect from her own special brand of spiritual knowledge. After that the show looked into the life of one of her students and explored how her reawakening was progressing. Vickie then took call-ins, answered questions and even gave a little feedback by “reading” one callers paranormal experience with a grandfather she never knew.

The show then moved into the training aspect were Vickie actually taught a special “grounding” meditation which anchors your spirit into your body alleviating fear and creating a safe space from which you can then begin your own reawakening and get in touch with your psychic abilities.

Reawaken will air every Monday starting February 18th from 11:00 to noon.

For more information visit ReAwaken and the Windswept Center sites.