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Psychic Reading October 29th with Vickie Parker

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New directions pop up everywhere. At first you don’t see them because the ‘old tried and true’ ways blind you. But as you look you see hands waving at you. When you tune in you hear. “Hey!! Hey!!’ “Over here. Over here!!! YOUHHHOOO!!! Stop. Look. Listen. So you can hear what you’re next step is. Then focus. Fine tune where you really are. Then walk the walk of certainty into an absolutely amazing future. ^ Vickie Parker

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Reading and Healing the Energy Body

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Susan Goodwin from Chicago, IL

I went out on your website and see that you do a lot of healings.  One in particular that caught my eye is the Reading and Healing Session.  Could you give me some more details on this it sounds fascinating.

Vickie Parker.

Sure.  The Reading and Healing session is looking at the energetic system of a person and telling the person what you see in this system and what it means.  Then the energy is either moved out or updated to current time.

So if I was working with you I would start with your feet and get information from the energy in them as to what is going on in this part of the body.  For instance I was looking at a person earlier this week and the energy I saw in their right foot was energy from a childhood friend who was not very nice to them.  Instead of allowing that energy to flow past them the energy went into the aura around them.  Once in the energetic body this energy can influence what is going on in the physical body.  So I move the energy out of the area, the feet in this case, and outside the aura of the person I’m giving the session to.

I go through the entire body reading, removing and updating energy.  The session is very thorough and the person always feels 100 % better.  These kind of healings also improve people’s mental and physical health.  It’s amazing how much people change after one of these readings and healings.

What are Energy Healings?

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Each and every one of us have experiences from birth to current time that influence how we feel  and respond to the world around us.  It not only impacts the physical and emotional body but also the energy body in and around us.  This energy body is comprised of energy channels in the arms, legs, and chest and back.

As well as the main chakras of the body that can’t be seen with the human eye.

The energy body is the first level where we receive information from people because everything starts as energy.  Emotions, words, and thoughts received from other people are all energy and we hear and feel  them first energetically.

If our response to the energy is pain, hurt, denial or anger or other emotionally charged responses than this energy embeds itself in our energy body.  We house all of this information in the form of energy  ‘pain’ pictures that are from childhood, relationships and other types of interactions with others.  When this enters the energy body and the response to it is hurt, anger, and other emotions this ‘pain’ energy can enter into the body and cause physical problems.

Energy healings remove all of this energy before it enters the body and causes health issues and diseases.  Moving out the energy gives back and changes the person’s life to a more healthy balanced and much happier state of being.

Psychic Fair and Open House

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May 16, 2009 from 12:00-5:00pm


Located at: The Windswept Center
Spring Pines Office Complex
835 East 4800 South, Suite 240
(Corner of 700 East and 4800 South)
Murray, Utah 84107
Date and Time: May, 16th, from Noon to 5 PM.
Directions: Take right hand turn off 7th East onto
4800 South. Take second right hand
Turn into office complex parking lot.
Contact us:
Or call 801 560-3761.