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Family of Origin

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Before we cross the threshold of our next lifetime we have the choice of at least 4 families to incarnate with.  We choose the family that we will learn the most from about what you want to do this lifetime.

Take a look at your Family of Origin.  The family you were born into.  The family will be birth parents of siblings.

Notice what the group agreement was to come together this lifetime.  Was it to learn about family dynamics?  Or what it was like to be the third child?

Just allow the answer to surface as you look at the members of your family.

Ask yourself what one thing did you learn as a soul from this family.

Notice what comes up for you.

Planning this Lifetime’s Blueprint

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We all create our current life blueprint before we take a body.  Who were the people you wanted to interact with and learn from. The friends you have. Your sister and brother. Your parents.

Our blueprints detail out the main experiences we want to  accomplish in our human lifetime.

What type of blueprint did you create for you?  Did you choose a complex lifetime with much to do and experience?

Full of change, emotion, physical experiences.  Or did you choose one main thing to accomplish that would take your entire lifetime to do so

What experiences did you want to have?

What did you want to learn?  The plan you created for yourself this lifetime.

The people who you wanted to interact with and learn from.

Choosing the mom and dad that would give you the body you wanted.

The first experiences of your life.  Both good and bad.

Notice what kind of siblings you asked to interact with.  What do you want to learn from them.  Or maybe you didn’t want siblings.What are you learning from that? Being an only child.

Go inside and just notice what surfaces for yourself.