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Testimonial for Vickie Parker

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Client Testimonial-

Dear Vickie,
I just wanted to thank you for your time and your kindness yesterday. I was nervous and excited to get a reading from you. When you started reading my friend Susan, and I realized you really did have the abilities your website said you had, I did become a little afraid and protective of myself, as you quickly picked up on. It felt a little scary to know that it was possible to have you see the real me, and a little disconcerting to think of what that might reveal. You quickly put my mind at ease and were kind, thoughtful, and generous with the both of us. I think you also picked up on the fact that while we have been dear friends for almost twenty years, there are still some ways in which I think we both are guarded with each other and protective of our true inner feelings.

I really appreciated your insight, and I am going to think on the things you told me, and hopefully set another appointment with you in a couple of weeks. It really was amazing and beautiful to see the gifts that you have.
Thanks again,

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Psychic Reading March 28th 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Time to get up close and personal with decisions you’ve put off for months or even years. Each one of these pending decisions stand on the horizon shouting at you. Following you around. Riding in the backseat of your car. Even haunting your dreams. Have them line up in front of you and listen to each voice. Choose the one that gives you the most freedom to move forward. Then take on the rest. ^ Vickie Parker