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Psychic Reading January 30th 2015 with Vickie Parker

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Countdown time. What is it that you’ve been waiting on? The right day. The sun has to be out and you’re in a good mood. You can’t wait on something to happen you have to go for it. The only way you can get what your want is to go after it. Because if you don’t life passes you by. So stand up. Decide the route. Then move forward in certainty. Once you’re in this place nothing dares to get in your way. Or stop you. Now! Make the right foot take a step. Coax the left foot. Lift up put down. Then… Wow and Wow!! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading April 30th 2013 with Vickie Parker

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Today calls for endings and it requires that you get real with yourself. So how do you go about letting go. Putting it to bed. Kicking it to the curb and all those other interesting ways of ‘moving’ on. You start with you first. We assume what we need to end is other people’s stuff but it is how we hold on to experiences. So. Choose one that continues to trigger you. Thank it for the experience and what your learned. Than let it go. ^ Vickie Parker