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Psychic Readings October 31st 2014 with Vickie Parker

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Psychic Readings October 31st – Decisions line the walls. They tell you tales of false hopes and desires. Even stories about the past you still mourn. And. Then there is the future smiling and waving at you. Don’t be afraid to walk up to them and quiz them about ‘Why?’ this and that. Or ‘Even’ if this and that. And possibly. ‘Hey Future!! Tell me like it is.’ Be prepared for anything! Ok. Helmet is on my head. Gloves on. Still struggling with the boots… HEE HEE!! HO HO! ^ Vickie Parker

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Psychic Reading December 8th – Look at opening yourself to new awareness in every form. This is not about learning how to do anything. It is about striping off the blinders to see all away around you. Go ahead. Turn to the left and really see what’s there. Now turn to the back. Right. Forward. Develop 360 degree insight. See what really goes on in your world. ^ Vickie Parker