Immortal – Our Past Lives

We’ve all been here hundreds maybe thousands of lifetimes.

Our spirit, some call it our soul, retains all the information of each lifetime we have experienced.  Both male and female lifetimes and every detail about them.

Our parents, siblings and other people who walked in and walked out of each lifetime.

The countries we lived in and what we wanted to accomplish.  The information also contains our births and our deaths.

So what are you working on this lifetime?

So what surfaces for you when you think about your life?  The blueprint or road map you created for yourself this lifetime.

Maybe an emotional response.  Or.   A picture flashes through you clairvoyance space.

You have a quick knowingness about your mother that you didn’t have before.

She was a sister in one of your previous lifes.

Just notice what you notice.

Let the information come to you and allow it to unfold in front of you.

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