Energy Tools and Intuition Class

The Windswept Center offers this class as a teleclass to people across the US and Canada.  This class changes how you view the world and your life.   Check out our calendar for what we have to offer.


This amazing weekend workshop teaches you the basics of how to live in present time more centered and grounded while, at the same time, rediscovering and using your intuitive abilities. This class transforms your life and allows you to live who you are as a spirit in a body.

· Learn meditations that allow you to reawaken your intuitive abilities through the   use of grounding, clearing and healing yourself.

· Gain knowledge of your chakras and how they influence your life.

· Discover the aura’ energy’ boundary.  ‘See’ and ‘read’ color in this space.

· Claim the space around you to allow you to own your own space.

· Learn how to heal yourself and remove fear and doubt from your life.

· Use tools that release other people’s energy out of your energy system.

· Awaken you clairvoyant abilities and begin to shift into higher vibrations.

· Receive tools that ‘actively’ bring into your life what you desire.

· Take charge of your life instead of reacting to other people’s dramas and energy

· Meet two of your Spirit Guides and find out why they are working with you.

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